Zong Ning: where is the way to live in the future, social live to bring industry offbeat – Sohu from the grassroots technology anchor vulgar Quchong to strong offensive star, make more than broadcast platform to exhaust all the skills, the industry still can not hide the lack of content. How to develop the future of the broadcast industry, the industry has become the focus of attention and thinking. Now is the era of social, but also the era of broadcast. Social + live mode, is gradually becoming a new breakthrough in the industry dilemma. But to do social live is not just anyone can, at least to have a social networking platform, before WeChat and QQ have poured into the live, the foundation is actually a micro-blog live, everyone live and live in unfamiliar street. But a live social is not the core of the business, but the communication channels, and everyone live and live in the unfamiliar street is quite distinct from each other "youth live" and "adult live" two road. After the era of mobile Internet platform to locate the rapid development of mobile Internet, a year of change equal to three years of the PC era. So live in the short term, from the new thing into a game we are playing, are doing, are in the broadcast. After homogenization direction is very difficult, wrong, can not choose, doomed eternally, may immediately doomed eternally. So the major platforms quickly clear their own direction, the difference in the content. In addition, these vertical Betta pandas live entertainment platform, live in several directions, reflecting off the grass red pepper, Master comprehensive entertainment star V, a live show, YY transformation, all have good. In this transformation, the most interesting or has a social gene broadcast platform, such as mentioned in front of the street and live broadcast live. The two are similar in form, but in the kernel is completely different, especially in the production of content, but also has a very big difference. Adult and Youth Street street street street all live million profit, verify the "social + live" mode to our success, and compared with the social transformation of the unfamiliar street to the beautiful anchor legion, everyone live features, is to have a group of high level and high quality youth student anchor force, this let everyone live the future, there is more room for imagination. If the unfamiliar street is the adult game, everyone is a student of the world, this also means that a large number of fresh meat with all their platform, is synonymous with knowledge, talent, youth and beauty, but also all the contents of the output of the main force in the entertainment front, they live content to lead the fashion. The platform can be a star, but the number of content production, only a part of the top of the pyramid, although the key, but it does not support global. And broadcast platform in the long tail part of the root is the main force, platform content production is so young, have Curve Wrecker campus Belle anchor everyone live, become the most broadcast platform power continues to provide high quality, the most cutting-edge information of youth, it is based on this point, people live is promoted to the industry in the teeth of the storm. Compared to other live platform, the quality of the content of the broadcast platform for everyone to become their biggest advantage. Compared to other platforms anchor lack of heritage, vulgar flattery.相关的主题文章: