Zhu Dan Chen Daoming to   site to learn playful coquetry; graceful dance – Liaoning channel — people.com.cn original title: Zhu Dan to Chen Daoming playful coquetry on-site learning delicate dance on Sunday, "the inheritors of culture reality show China image" newest issue of Beijing satellite TV broadcast. The same day, as one of the classical literary observer Zhu Dan dressed in a blue coat skirt collocation, beautiful. In the program, Zhu Dan not only to play Chen Daoming said: "the people of beauty?" D. Then in person on the scene to study dance, see show women’s feminine behavior state. Zhu Dan Chen Daoming started to play offensive scene learning "Yudabajiao" soft program exhibition process, from the Guangdong song and dance theatre ballet "Yudabajiao" with its graceful posture, graceful dancing, show the southern woman’s gentle and delicate, was unanimously recognized by the audience. After the end of the show, the same is a literary and artistic observer from the south of the Yangtze River, Zhu Dan, the host is more known as the beautiful girl". Zhu Dan then asked his partner Chen Daoming: "others beauty?" Lovely full. Followed by the beautiful girl Zhu Dan was invited to the stage of the host, and carefully follow the performers have learned to learn. Zhu Dan volunteered to learn the umbrella movement, carrying Qunjiao, transfer paper umbrella, his shy little woman every act and every move, gentle and pleasant. In the talk show feelings, Zhu Dan said: "the name is" Yudabajiao "I have been waiting for the rain, but later found that the woman holding an umbrella, the beauty of silence, the rain at this time has become less important." Drunk "full" Jasmine Zhu Dan as the first show acrobatics innovation plus is brought by the famous singer Lei Jia’s memorable solo "Jasmine", the very characteristics of the China vigorous transparent sound, melodious feeling. During the concert, Zhu Dan frequently applauded, eyes full of admiration. When asked about the feelings of Zhu Dan said: "before the jasmine flower is blooming gracefully slowly, now feel is in full bloom, grand and magnificent." Then the acrobatics "push" is breathtaking, performer high difficulty coefficient acrobatics attracted the audience burst into applause. As one of the observers Zhu Dan is concentrating on his hands together. Whenever a difficult action to complete, Zhu Dan can not help but applaud. Three people cross rolling, Zhu Dan conceal the tense situation, issued from time to time to exclaim, full program. Finally in the scoring session, Zhu Dan admitted: actually saw a lot of kinds of TiC performances, but today’s performance with a lot of innovation. Such as horizontal rotation, and the action is very accurate and fast!" And said: "acrobatics is China’s gold brand, innovation every step is very difficult, so for the last is not easy and points." (Judy Tang Long, commissioning editor: filial piety)相关的主题文章: