Zhengzhou accepted the first day of real estate registration: many consultants need to take the time (Figure) – Sohu finance in Zhengzhou real estate registration center Jinshui Consulting Center for real estate registration related matters. China News Agency, Zhengzhou, August (Xinhua)   25 (Han Zhangyun) from the beginning of August 25th, the city of Zhengzhou officially accepted the application for registration of real estate business. Reporters learned that the admissibility of the first day of the business, to come to consult the city more people, for a variety of reasons, people need to get a certificate of immovable property will take some time. According to the Zhengzhou municipal government had issued the "Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government on the implementation of unified registration of immovable property of the notice" in Zhengzhou main city, 25 on the morning of 9, Zhengzhou City real estate registration center and district (zone) the center began to accept the registration of real estate business. Among them, the public service needs to be handled in Zhengzhou real estate registration center, the distinction between individual business center. 25, the reporter learned from the Zhengzhou real estate registration center Jinshui differentiation center, a day to come to consult the public has nearly two people. Due to the registration of real estate business involved up to more than 30, but also all kinds of citizens, the center set up a special real estate registration service desk, help the public to eliminating confusion. The center staff told reporters that the majority of the public consultation or apply for property transfer need to prepare what materials. The so-called " real estate transfer " in fact, in terms of real estate registration agencies, is to apply for " state-owned construction land use rights and housing ownership transfer registration ". First of all we need to provide the original certificate of land and house property card, in addition to real estate identity registration application, the original owner, the transferee, the transfer of registration documents prove material and related tax payment vouchers and other related materials." The staff said that as a result of the "state-owned construction land use rights and ownership of the housing," there are many reasons for the transfer, the need for different reasons to provide different materials. Specific needs of the public to the sub center on-site consultation. The reporter learned that, due to the previous real estate license information and land certificate information is two independent data system, and real estate registration is the "two card" members of the public to apply for registration of real estate, real estate registration center requires internal verification, the real estate license and certificate of land information and data overall. Therefore, although the day is the first day of accepting this business, the center did not get the public property certificate. In accordance with the regulations, as long as the public documents, materials, 30 working days to get a certificate of immovable property, then, before the real estate license and land certificate will be recovered." Staff told reporters that the real estate registration to "demand management, demand for" principle, even if the public not to handle this card, the original housing, land, forest land and other real property right certificate is still valid, not mandatory replacement of the certificate. At present, the national real estate registration charges have not yet introduced, the staff said, Zhengzhou City Real Estate Registration Center (including the center) will be in strict accordance with the national standards do not charge fees.相关的主题文章: