Zhang introduced a man brother car carrying 70 thousand run away leaving money 500 yuan a BMW second-hand car nearly 70 thousand yuan, the brother younger brother bought unexpectedly nearly 70 thousand yuan by his elder brother in his pocket, even with the money disappeared. Recently, Xiaobin (a pseudonym, male, 27 years old, Guangdong) on suspicion of fraud by the Public Security Bureau Xiangcheng take coercive measures. The evening of October 10th, Xiaobin through WeChat contact little brother A Qiang (a pseudonym), said Zhangzhou has a second-hand BMW car to sell the car, but also made relevant information and pictures, after watching A Qiang expressed intention to purchase. The morning of October 12th, Xiaobin told a strong has contact with the seller, the transaction price of 60 thousand yuan, in the evening to Zhangzhou car and cash transactions. 21 pm the same day, on the way to the station to move Chaozhou, a 60 thousand yuan in cash from home, placed in plastic bags of clothes in the street friends. Xiaobin says it’s not safe, A Qiang put money in his satchel, A Qiang did not want to give money to the small storage bin. Day 22 am, the 3 quickly came to the urban area of Zhangzhou. Xiaobin made a phone call, told a strong seller to sell 70 thousand yuan, second days to see. A city to a strong industrial and Commercial Bank of China took ten thousand yuan to small bin, then the people in the city of a registered residence in a Traders Hotel. Settled, Xiaobin about 2 people to the bar for a drink, three drinks, Xiaobin said to go to their feet, a small Cong and don’t want to go, want to go back to the hotel to rest. At this time, small Bin took 500 yuan to his brother, said the transaction as long as $69500 tomorrow. Until the second day morning, Jiang did not see the small bin back to the hotel, call each other has been shut down, after several unsuccessful search, realized that cheated by his elder brother. A helpless choice of the police, Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade Xiangcheng shortly after receiving the case, will Xiaobin online pursuit. Until November 3rd 14 PM, in Rongcheng District of Guangdong province Xiaobin Jieyang City Cafe arrested. According to the small bin account, because of its lack of money, it will be nearly 70 thousand yuan fraud brother. At that time, he left 500 yuan brother Jiang, is to make the journey home. At present, small bin has been released on bail, the case is under further investigation. The Herald reporter correspondent Zheng Lehe Guo Qin.相关的主题文章: