Zhang Dejiang: Interpretation of Hongkong basic law and has the same legal effect of Xinhua news agency in Beijing in November 7, the NPC Standing Committee Chairman Zhang Dejiang presided over the 7 days of the twelve National People’s Congress Standing Committee of the twenty-fourth meeting of the closing session. After the completion of the meeting of the vote, Zhang Dejiang delivered a speech. Zhang Dejiang said that in accordance with the Constitution and the basic law of Hongkong, the interpretation of the basic law of Hongkong is the power of the NPC Standing Committee, is the responsibility of. The National People’s Congress shall exercise authority, an interpretation of the basic law of Hongkong 104th, fully demonstrated the firm position of the central implementation of the "one country two systems" policy determination and against Hong Kong Independence, the firm will fully show the Hongkong compatriots included 1 billion 300 million Chinese people to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests, is conducive to the "the correct implementation of one country two systems" principle and the basic law of Hongkong in the Hongkong Special Administrative Region, Hongkong Special Administrative Region is conducive to the maintenance of the rule of law and the long-term prosperity and stability of Hongkong. To explain the legislative intent and the legal principles contained in the basic law of the Hongkong, which have the same legal effect as the basic law of the Hongkong, and that all aspects must be observed and implemented in an integrated manner. We firmly believe that with the strong support of the central government, under the joint efforts of the government of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region and the vast number of Hongkong residents, the principle of "one country, two systems" and the basic law of the Hongkong will be effectively implemented. Zhang Dejiang said that the meeting of network security by law, is also a part of the important legal system of national security in the legal system, the authorities should step up research to formulate relevant regulations, the implementation of regulatory responsibility according to the law, to ensure that the law is correct and effective implementation. Consideration of the film industry promotion law, is an important achievement in the field of cultural legislation, to stimulate the vitality of the film market, regulate the order of the film market, is of great significance. The meeting examined and adopted the decision on Amending the private education promotion law, hoping to develop supporting regulations as soon as possible, a smooth and orderly reform of private school classification management. The decision on Amending the law on the protection of the marine environment is conducive to better protection and improvement of the marine environment and the promotion of ecological civilization. The decision on Amending the foreign trade law and other 12 laws passed by the law, which provides legal support for further deepening the reform of administrative examination and approval system and the transformation of government functions. Zhang Dejiang said that the State Council and its relevant departments should further improve the exit and entry management system to better regulate the order of entry and exit management, improve management and service levels. People’s courts at all levels should further enhance the initiative to open, take the initiative to accept the supervision of consciousness, and earnestly to promote justice in the open, transparent and honest. Procuratorial organs at all levels should strengthen the judicial protection of human rights, improve the supervision of investigation by law modernization level; to ensure that the public interest litigation pilot the successful completion of the task to the exploration of Chinese features and meet the procuratorial functions and characteristics of public interest litigation system. To fully implement the law to promote scientific and technological achievements, better play the leading role of science and technology to support economic and social development. We must fully implement the most stringent environmental protection legal system, and strive to solve outstanding environmental problems. Zhang Dejiang said that the party’s the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee victory has been concluded. National People’s Congress and its Standing Committee to learn 7相关的主题文章: