YC Demo Day is the first day of the most noteworthy 11 companies in August 24th reported hunting cloud network (Translation: Formo Wang) today’s Y Combinator Demo Day accelerator 2016 Summer 1 exhibited a variety of new products, including UAV, security and automation of the new generation of tampons. YC’s ongoing international publicity has finally paid off, with 30% of the start-up companies from outside the United states. Although there are some just American record prices of imitators, brought a different solution to the problem but also a classic. Today’s creative key words for consumers, development tools, security, hardware, market and non profit. Tomorrow is B2B, biotechnology, educational technology and financial technology innovation. Next, hunting cloud network featured 11 entrepreneurial projects.   Joy  – a one-stop wedding wedding management   always makes people confused. Joy is committed to creating a tool to help couples manage everything to the honeymoon. The company’s wedding software suite has been substantial growth in the past few months, about 150 of happy couples choose this service to help them track replies, guests, and let everything in order. Joy is currently looking for opportunities to enter the $14 billion wedding registration market, the best price for the bride and groom.   Flex – modern tampons   use tampons in women over eighty years of almost no change. Flex created a tampon substitute. The company has sold $70 thousand worth of products through the sale and has successfully passed FDA certification and patent licensing. Flex hope that women can forget their physiological cycle to enjoy every moment of life. The traditional tampons may make life become disorder, even cause infection. Their disposable menstrual products can be used for 12 hours, non-invasive, comfortable and healthy. Within weeks, the product will receive a predetermined female tampon, price of $20 per month, Flex said their interest rate reached 70%.   Exponent  – Mobile Application Integration   usually, when a company launches its applications will focus on a particular platform, such as iOS or Android, the use of limited resources to maximize. Exponent hopes to help mobile application developers to simplify the development process of iOS and Android version of the application, developers can only use JavaScript programming. This free open source software uses React Native – a framework that is used by Facebook, Airbnb, and WAL-MART to build local applications. This week, the service just finished testing. Exponent has an enviable team, created by early Facebook employees, Quora.相关的主题文章: