Yadi, Las Vegas International bicycle exhibition debut in the United States in September 21, 2016 -9 month 23 days, 2016 Interbike (Las Vegas International Bicycle Trade Fair held in the United States of Las Vegas) the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Jiangsu province bicycle electric vehicle association rate Yadi 19 enterprises such as Las Vegas exhibition debut in the United states. The Las Vegas International Bicycle Exhibition (INTER BIKE) held since 1982, has become one of the famous international bicycle exhibition, exhibition of international influence, professional and strong, is the world’s bicycle industry well-known manufacturers release new products in the best place. Interbike exhibition, North America, North America, and South America is the trade volume of China’s bicycle export enterprises every year the largest area, which makes the Interbike become one of the domestic enterprises must participate in the annual exhibition exhibition of. Yadi was in 2011 in the United States Las Vegas International Bicycle Exhibition, this is the first time to participate in the domestic electric vehicle industry bike. After a lapse of five years, again with the latest Yadi electric bicycle products, Interbike grand debut exhibition. Yadi has been committed to open up overseas markets, products exported to the United States, Germany and other 66 countries. At the same time, after Beijing Yadi Z3 global offering, Yadi is affected by global media and people’s pursuit, have appreciated the yadi. The Las Vegas International Bicycle Exhibition, Yadi also received many foreign distributors and consumer attention, attract people enjoyed, captured a large number of foreign friends of the heart! "Yadi manufacturing so that consumers have the well-being of the products, in order to make life fun riding back", had held several environmental protection activities, promote green transportation, advocate consumers green ride. Yadi a cycling club in the country, to promote the new culture of riding. In overseas, cycling culture is relatively mature, the product attributes of green concept and Yadi low carbon environmental protection they agree without prior without previous consultation. Yadi in Las Vegas International Bicycle Exhibition, once again let the Chinese manufacturing and environmental cycling culture shine in the international stage! With Yadi "going out" strategy to vigorously implement, Yadi will use more high-end technology and products, leading the Chinese electric car industry to the world, I believe in the near future will be in more foreign city Yadi let’s see figure!相关的主题文章: