Xishanju game officially named the "free zone" to "Busan" novice card booking Extopia area by | Xishanju North wooden warehouse studio independently developed FPS’s new "Extopia", today officially named as the "free area"! The unreal 4 engine to create, the development team of the North Wood warehouse game studio members from Germany, the United States, South Korea and other countries, the field of excellence in the field of FPS people to create a shooting online games! It is reported that the North Wood studio will carry the free zone to participate in the November 17th games in Busan, South Korea to carry out G-STAR, and will be announced in the heavy news! Free "forbidden zone" formally named [and] free area focusing body theory Xishanju new "forbidden zone" of the free Chinese name. Freedom is a word full of imagination and tension. Han, Howhi, empty dreams and desires, the soul, all the good words can be seemed as the main fight, Jing Zhanji, ride the wind and waves, get rid of the shackles of choking, the final destination is called "free". The forbidden zone is usually closely linked with the danger, darkness, privacy and other impression. It seems free and turned down be misfits, stop in the free before the maximum chains; in fact closer and freedom in German classical philosophy founder Kant thought, freedom, danger and restraint contradiction. "Forbidden zone" the official name of Chinese free combination of the two, both mysterious and profound feelings of attraction, incompatible meteorite after colliding grand and magnificent. Let the players can not help but think: what is freedom, why there is a restricted area, what is hidden here, waiting for me to explore what? And that, I’m afraid, is the "free zone" hidden in the game’s top secret. [official website main tone minimalist modern science fiction] free area concept website "free forbidden zone" for black and orange, with echoes of the game logo. As a background hidden in black city, a gunman standing quietly, looking into the distance. Grey vague City, and the characters of bright orange sharp visual contrast, the impact of the mind game player. The overall simplicity of the color, a strong strong gun fighting style, the layout of the atmosphere of exquisite atmosphere, very large stand-alone temperament. Although the official website to disclose information only but we still see only a small part, can feel from subtle cues, "free" area is a very near future air FPS online games. Different from the traditional military uniform FPS, but in the war into the hustle and bustle of the more modern elements, giving people a fresh feeling. More interesting is the adventure diary is different from other FPS Games official website, "free zone" concept of the official website highlights the name of "adventure diary" part. In the world view of the game setting, game summary have not yet been off the mystery of the moment, the first person narrative adventure story, become the only way to understand the feelings of freedom game player "forbidden zone" of the world. Adventure diary daily official website will update the new chapter, and the reader, the player is also the story of the protagonist’s narrative of the world of free zone.相关的主题文章: