Xinjiang Akto County, 6.7 earthquake occurred 1 people died due to the housing collapse the original title: Xinjiang earthquake: Akto County houses collapsed due to the death of Xinhua news agency, Urumqi in November 26, the villagers went to the house of hedge one (reporter Li Xiaoling Ay Nur) 25, 22:24, 6.7 earthquake occurred in Xinjiang Akto county. After preliminary investigation, has found a man collapsed due to the collapse of the house.   after the earthquake, stationed in the local Xinjiang public security border defense brigade quickly dispatched to assist the resident committee and government disaster relief and disaster investigation. As of 26 am at about 2 am, border officers and men of the investigation of a total of 49 houses, visited more than 100 households more than 300 villagers.   border officers found in the most affected investigation wood auspicious Township Braque village, a Kyrgyz men in the village houses collapsed due to the death of wood; Ji Xiang Qiongrang village of 5 houses of different cracks, Kunti Bess has a village houses collapsed.   Xinjiang public security corps Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture Muji border detachment border police station police officer Lv Pengfei said, after the earthquake, the villagers went to the house outside the hedge, as previously just under the snow, snow more than and 30 cm thick, very cold climate. In order to ensure the safety of villagers, prevent the occurrence of frostbite, border officers and village cadres together in hedging the villagers to the village, and prepare the instant noodles, mineral water, coats, mattresses, blankets and other items, issued to help staff.   reporters from aqtau County confirmed that the local has received one person died in the earthquake report. Ji Xiang wood committee secretary Mohammad · Abdul Sarah M told reporters that they are being rushed to the village of Braque wood Ji Xiang, to further verify the casualties and damage to housing. (end)相关的主题文章: