XCart SEO is a successful turning point for many websites.This software can empower your website into new ranges.Understanding the vast number of advantages of SEO X-Cart can help you to take full advantage of all that it can offer to you.In fact, it has many advantages over other products that are similar.It is a very search engine optimization friendly software product that you can easily take advantage of.The HTML Catalogue Generation feature of the SEO XCart software is one of the first and most beneficial parts to the process.From this aspect, realize the way that search engine spiders work is different for static pages as opposed to dynamic pages.For example, URL’s that contain such things as "?", "%" or other symbols tend do poorly.By avoiding this, you will achieve a higher rank and faster inclusion into the search engines. Yet, there are a few disadvantages that should be considered as well.The HTML code is messy, which often discourages people.The problems generally center around relatively easy to fix problems that any SEO firm can handle.This includes problems with outdated HTML tags, deprived compliance with W3C standards, and a good amount of nested tables.Because XCart SEO is an open source, though, anything and everything can be changed to enhance your experience. Using XCart SEO Effectively First, start by making sure that your HTML code is optimized for search engine results, as much as possible.Then, you can begin optimizing your XCart SEO software for specific keyword phrases.Here are some tips to use: 1.When not using CDSEO Links module from websitecm, you should then install the shopping cart into a directory (for example: ..yourxcartstore../store/).To do this, follow these steps: Place the following robots.txt file in a public directory on the server: User-agent: * Disallow: /store/ Generate HTML catalog into the public directory on the server. It is re.mended that you use this with any Ajax Shopping Cart Mod instead of using ModRewrite.This is re.mended because of the large load that it will have on your servers especially with stores that have a larger amount of traffic.Also, search engines will take a longer time to apply ranking to files that appear to be nested in directories of your server. 2.Remove Java Scripts from the body of your pages.If you used previous X-Cart SEO software, you may have noticed the large amount of JavaScript in the HEAD section of the HTML code. Yet, it is imperative to put this code outside of HTML as a separate file. Useto ac.plish this task.If you have invested in a newer version of X-Cart SEO Software, this is no longer a problem for you to worry about. 3. Use CSS to eliminate any unnecessary table nesting in terms of the most .monly used template.Here is a list of some of the most important templates to optimize which will in turn reduce the sheer amount of HTML code. skin1/head.tpl skin1/menu.tpl skin1/meta.tpl skin1/dialog.tpl skin1/rectangular_top.tpl skin1/rectangular_bottom.tpl 4.To your detail images, add alt tags. 5.It is also important to use unique Meta Data for all pages and categories.Make sure that the keyword tags that you use are only those that are relevant to your website’s information.Use descriptions that are one to three sentences long. 6. Insure that you optimize your front page with the relevant keyword phrases.Also, add keyword rich paragraphs (just a few) to the text on your front page. 7.The title tag must be as descriptive as possible.You do not want to fill it with keywords.It should not be longer than 80 characters. Avoid These Mistakes With X-Cart SEO Software When you work with an SEO firm, you will clearly find benefits in avoiding these mistakes.No matter, you should notice and make changes to avoid these pitfalls. A large mistake that people make with XCart SEO software is not taking full advantage of HTML catalogue.Your SEO X-Cart software will actually generate HTML catalogue in the /catalog/ directory by default.But, this will not allow it to be found by search engine robots.Instead, insure that HTML catalogue is generated into a public directory on your server. Do not forget to update your Meta data with your XCart SEO software.Remember that this information is actually used when your website is displayed on a search engine results page.Therefore, you should make sure it is up to date even if the search engines themselves ignore Meta keywords and descriptions for ranking purposes.You should have a good, strong marketing message incorporated here which will help to win traffic to your website. Another mistake that is .monly made has to do with not utilizing a title tag to the full extent that you could.You need to do this with your SEO XCart Software for search engine optimization.Your title tag is one of the most important tags on your page and therefore it should be keyword rich and very descriptive. While simple and straightforward, do not f.et that the point of reaching a good search engine rank is to drive visitors to your website.It is this visitor that will make the decision to purchase, use or act on your offer.For this reason, the website should be above all else user friendly and have a beneficial marketing message while still being optimized for the search engines. With the help of a good SEO firm, you can take full advantage of everything that XCart SEO can offer to you.Using the tools presented here you can clearly take advantage of all that X-Cart SEO can offer to you. 相关的主题文章: