Wu Shicun, President of the South China Sea Institute Chinese: Cai Yingwen camp – Beijing, nobody knows the South China Sea [Global Times reported] this time held in Haikou Strait Conference on the South China Sea issue, the theme of "the South China Sea arbitration award: challenge and cooperation of cross-strait relations". When it comes to Taiwan’s role in the South China Sea dispute, Wu Shicun told the Global Times reporter: I have repeatedly told the Taiwan scholars, during the reign of Ma Ying-Jeou, Taiwan in the South China Sea issue is a good child. In fact, there is no need to be too good to want to let you play in the South China Sea issue, it is necessary to make a difference. In the past Taiwan in the South China Sea policy was back before 1999, coordination mechanism under Taiwan’s "Executive Yuan" with the affairs of the South China Sea, the Navy also has regular cruise system, but in 2013 the Philippine official ships in the South China Sea fishermen killed in Taiwan, Taiwan to the Bashi Channel destroyers operating symbolic demonstrations, but not to the south." Wu Shicun said, I hope the two sides can speak with one voice, to jointly safeguard the South China Sea patrimony". However, since Cai Yingwen took office, the South China Sea Policy in Taiwan is trying to gradually cut with the mainland". In this way, in the end, Taiwan will be isolated in the South China Sea issue, or even be completely marginalized. In July, Wu Shicun attended a seminar on arbitration in Taipei, a DPP think tank scholars very frankly told him, there is no real Democratic Progressive Party experts understand the South China Sea issue, so they also worry about the misjudgment, thus affecting Cai Yingwen’s decision.相关的主题文章: