Shopping-and-Product-Reviews When it .es to crime, even the workplace is not exempt. In fact, some of the most important crimes of our time were .mitted in the workplace. These include, among others, theft, harrassment and even more violent acts of physical aggression. As a means to deter crimes at work, many business owners and managers turn to surveillance strategies to protect not just the establishment and its products and services but also its employees. Here are some workplace surveillance tips you might want to consider using: Consider the possible crimes you are trying to prevent Most workplace surveillance equipment and techniques are meant to nip crime at the bud and not simply stop its progress. Carefully consider the kind of crimes you want to put a stop to. Is it theft, pilferage, harrassment, improper customer or client service, industry espionage, data corruption, health violations, misuse of equipment or just unruly behavior? Knowing the intended use of workplace surveillance material is important in helping you .e up with a well-designed plan and choose the right surveillance equipment to use. This will also help you design the right rules to ensure that the use of surveillance equipment is effective, fair and legal. Understand how a possible workplace crime could occur As part of your plan to prevent workplace-related crimes, it’s important that you have a good understanding regarding the dynamics involved in your place of business. Look closely at the areas where a crime or violation may be .mitted — are these areas visible to a security personnel, supervisor or other employees or do you need surveillance cameras to ensure they are monitored? Which areas are weakest in terms of security or safety? Are you less than confident regarding your electronic data? If so, what kind of electronic surveillance equipment do you need? What kind of workplace crimes or violations have you experienced in the past that you need to put a stop to? What are the most critical issues in the workplace that you need to prioritize? You might also want to consider more creative means to solve your surveillance concerns. For example, are there other steps you can take to ensure that workplace-related crimes are prevented without having to spend on additional equipment? Make sure employees are aware that surveillance equipment is being used Although it may seem to go against your purpose of catching a criminal at work, it is re.mended that you inform employees that surveillance measures are being utilized. This will significantly reduce incidents of violations and control employee behavior. Being aware of these measures will also help assure employees that their rights will be respected. Use the right surveillance equipment There are several types of workplace surveillance equipment you can use, depending on your needs. In general, you can choose either software or hardware or both. Software surveillance are usually integrated into the server system or individual .puters. These include keystroke loggers, call recorders and Internet and e-mail usage loggers. Hardware, on the other hand, may include equipment such as cameras, monitors, sensors and alarms. By far the most .monly used workplace surveillance equipment is the camera. Cameras are excellent for monitoring activities. Connected to a recording device such as a recorder or .puter, cameras can even be used as evidence of a crime or violation. There’s a high likelihood that you will find cameras, including hidden and dummy types, very useful for workplace surveillance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: