Word lei! The double eleven sold millet finally burst – Sohu technology sales and market share compared to the same period last year fell to millet recently a lot of pressure, that in a recent conference do not dare to mention sales, the double eleven, Lei Jun finally found the courage to tell all the staff, the first time to get millet! This morning, millet official night issued a double 11 final report, announced millet won four consecutive championships. In addition, millet 11 mobile phone sales for the first time in two consecutive years, brand stores, Android phones, smart devices, sales of the first 4. So a large number of mobile phone KOL to the world announced millet took a number of the first. Micro-blog users @ slag’s first broke the ruffian 2016 double 11, millet into a single brush again in the pre-sale period. This time in sales and sales have achieved success in the red rice 4A Tmall double 11 pre-sale purchase, do not follow the rules, there can be 10000 sets of disposable single status. This makes the authenticity of this year’s overall sales data millet is also greatly reduced, after all, a single order of 10000 sets of the back door Why open, everyone has the answer. Either for the convenience of their own brush, either for the convenience of cattle stockpile. No matter what kind of consideration, for millet is a way to improve sales data, of course, this is a way of water injection. 2015 double 11, millet with practical action to show us what is called multidimensional brush". Before there is a one-time users purchase orders of 5000 units, after the same ID in accordance with the continuous fixed number of batches to buy millet mobile phone, even seemingly unrelated random ID, can keep the same amount of understanding trade, exact evidence of this malicious brush single make millet the original brand is not tall the image hit again. Brush single continuous suspicions make millet now looks not so brilliant data brilliance, Tmall may also hide transaction records for this brand of brush single with more convenient. The continuous decline of millet should give him a round of applause, but the following millet hardcore fans anxious!相关的主题文章: