Witness the Olympics Olympic commemorative collection of the postal savings bank offering concern – Beijing, Beijing, August 30, the day before, Chinese Postal Savings Bank of Beijing branch jointly organized the "Zhongchao the Great Wall Chancellor Precious Metals Limited witnessed the Centennial Olympic Games –" the summer Olympic Games emblem and mascot commemorative gold (silver) Chapter "signing" grand opening. There are nearly 400 people from around the country have long been waiting for a long time, they waved the flag to greet the Olympic spirit. Featuring the signing guests of the Olympic diving champion he appeared on the scene, He Chong in his speech to the national culture, signing coach and their family members expressed thanks to the victorious Olympic team Chinese blessing. He Chong: "as an athlete to participate in the Olympic Games in the struggle, can be realized, and his firm and indomitable spirit of the athletes, and higher, faster and stronger the Olympic spirit, this is my biggest wealth." The good news about the Chinese women volleyball team, he also shared his excitement and joy with the masses, "the Olympic Games has gone through 120 years of groundless talk, every Olympics has different countries to show" higher, faster, stronger "Olympic spirit, this is a time stamp, and more is an era of inheritance." Ms. Zhang, who lives in the city of Beijing in Fengtai District said: "this will sing, can not only collect calendar Summer Olympic Games emblem, mascot, also provides a mini Olympic Art Museum for collectors and enthusiasts of Olympic games. Too meaningful!" It is worth mentioning that the event also invited the postal savings bank "star governor" in. Can the close interaction with the Olympic champion, so that "the governor" who dance for joy. These "little star," is carried out from the postal savings bank Beijing branch talent shows itself in the summer of "small banker" public welfare activities, although younger, but children are enthusiastic to express their respect for the Olympic song, dance and handwritten "wish card", and have said to the Olympic champion as an example study hard, make efforts. The children of the young and lively laughter, let the event very lively, He Chong on the spot for children to send a blessing: "I hope that every child can stick to their dreams, happy life". One parent said: "today is very meaningful, not only let the children have a meaningful holiday, but also to learn financial knowledge, know more buddy, is of great help to the cultivation of EQ and FQ, further enrich children’s spiritual world."相关的主题文章: