With X – ray security, it is necessary to express an editorial in accordance with the law of the Chengdu Shuangliu Airport is indeed using X ray, rather than what the weak photon". According to the "Southern Metropolis Daily" reported before, Shuangliu Airport use "weak photon security human security apparatus for body scanning, sparked controversy online. One at the airport to accept the security lady, very angry, because no one told her on the spot, security related to ionizing radiation: "if women of childbearing age to accept the security, have an impact on the fetus, then we can go to the airport?" The airport security signs before, is misleading, hidden "sensitive word:" X ray "to prevent accidental fall sick and pregnant please take the artificial security channel". Only the rear part of the chassis of the security instrument has a big slap beware of ionizing radiation warning signs, in addition to nowhere can not see the warning signs. In accordance with the interpretation of the airport, the security device is not only in line with national standards, but also stricter than the U.S. standard, the security instrument radiation control in the 0.05-0.2 micro micro. Of course, there is no need to panic about ionizing radiation. People will also be subject to a certain amount of radiation when they are flying or watching tv. However, when using the X ray (even the soft X ray), but not to the public fully disclose the relevant risks, but with the specious "photon" concept, with the old and sick pregnant do manual screening is "to prevent accidental falls and other words to cheat the public, which in itself is in induced panic. "People’s Republic of China radioactive pollution prevention act," the provisions of article sixteenth: radioactive materials and radiation devices should be set up a clear radioactive identification and Chinese warning instructions. Note that the "obvious sign" is not a small stick in the corner of the machine, not a "weak photon" to mislead, but should be "obvious signs". Chengdu Shuangliu Airport to do so, has apparently been suspected of illegal. Coincidentally, in May this year, the online crazy pass Chengdu train station to see the beauty of human body X machine ", after the Chengdu Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau to train station raids, gunslinger brand human security apparatus used in the site" (that is the Chengdu Shuangliu Airport security instrument used) belongs to class III x-ray device, and shall not permit the increase of certificate. But unfortunately, the EPA has not made a severe punishment, only to be ordered to learn the relevant laws and regulations, paste eye-catching old, weak, sick, disabled, pregnant from human security warning signs. The public may have some taboos and misunderstandings about the amount of ionizing radiation, but this is not the reason for the public to use X – ray security checks. Informed consent is the basis of social security and trust. Chengdu Shuangliu Airport for human security using X ray security instrument, but not to express, not to special populations such as pregnant women make a special risk warning, has been suspected of violating the "prevention and control of radioactive pollution in People’s Republic of China law", but also violated the public’s right to know. We hope that the local environmental protection department has a clear explanation. Responsible media, will not render the panic, but never give up serious questioning. [more news interpretation, WeChat add public account today topic listen]相关的主题文章: