With the tropical style of Max Mara, will you make your coat hotter? Perhaps that coat Max Mara already has your wardrobe, or in the fall, you also want to buy a piece of many stars and fashion bloggers have to wear that explosive materials, these are in the "winter will buy list". In any case, Max Mara2017 fashion week in Milan, the new, is a love of fashion, you can not miss. Many men are not men because sadly sigh, Max Mara is currently only for lady service. This season inspired Mousika Lina Bardi is also a talented, subversive tradition, passion, vision of the odd woman ahead of the Bo. A famous architect and designer with multiple identities as a talented woman, life in portrait interpretation of fascinating Latin American Modernism style. [Max Mara2017 spring and summer explosion point one: avant garde tropical Bardi] Bo and tropical movement (Tropicalia) source shallow. This is a avant-garde literary movement, the representative is very exotic Carmen Miranda. A lot of animals and plants as decoration, printing design inspiration Max Mara 2017 spring and summer series a wild profusion of vegetation. [Max Mara2017 spring burst point two: luxury suede saddle pin joint design] in 1951, Bo Bardi in his "Casa de Vidro" in "Bola de Latao" installation seat, today, the seat is still attractive. The seat wear leather tanning, saddle stitch collocation and elegant design, now this suture techniques also appeared in Max Mara in luxury suede. [Max Mara2017 spring burst point three: high-tech sports jumpsuits] designers interested in traditional leather production process, this point at the same time, Mara and Max agree without prior without previous consultation; she also actively adopt new technology. Max Mara from the high performance sportswear, knitted fabric and nylon fabric, build by heat sealing process dress, underwear and slim pants Siamese, enchanting charm. [Max Mara2017 spring burst point four: mesh back! ] Max Mara classic design 101801 new series of the 3D mesh fabric make only superficial changes, the full range, high tech. The new dress with the new launch of the shiny Lina sunglasses and Bardi style wood soles, from head to toe to create extraordinary shape. [Max Mara2017 spring critical point five: new BoBag cure! Smart, bold, sexy, the new BoBag, will not like the same as the world over the fire? Let’s wait and see.相关的主题文章: