Computers-and-Technology If you are an independent SAP consultant, you have probably experienced the difficulties associated with working through staffing companies, such as jobs lost because they found someone with a lower rate, poor communication about your engagement, late payments, job offers that were not tailored to your abilities, to name the most common complaints. More importantly, you have watched a huge chunk of what should be YOUR consulting fee kept as a commission by the staffing company. If you are tired of inefficient communications, unsuitable job proposals, and not being paid what you are worth if you want to make MORE MONEY and do it in LESS TIME – read on to discover exactly what SAP Rankings is and what it can do for you. What is SAP Rankings and how does it work? SAP Rankings ( .saprankings.. ) is an online database of confirmed and categorized SAP consultants. When an SAP .pany searches for a consultant, they will find in-depth information, experience ratings, resumes, availability dates, rate and more. They will be able to contact you, the SAP consultant, directly, and all .munication and negotiation will take place only between you and the SAP .pany. So how does SAP Rankings make me more MONEY? First and foremost, we eliminate the middleman – the staffing .pany. In general, 25% of your consulting fee goes to the staffing .pany, which keeps this .mission in exchange for providing the connection between the SAP .pany and the SAP consultants. This is already a hefty cut, but it is made worse by the fact that sometimes there are multiple staffing .panies involved (known as layers), who each take a piece of the fees before the consultant gets paid. In these cases, as much as 50% of your fee may end up in the hands of the staffing .panies. The chart below illustrates the breakdown of what you might be charging per hour – you can see that the staffing .panies (in red) take a huge chunk of what you should be receiving. With SAP Rankings, you eliminate this middleman and negotiate directly with potential customers. This means you can keep more of what is, after all, yours. Another major benefit to SAP Rankings is being able to directly market yourself to SAP .panies. You can update your personal information, rates, and availability as often as necessary. You dont have to depend on a staffing .pany to decide if you are or are not the right person for the job – the hiring SAP .pany will make their own selection. The best part is that by directly marketing your services to .panies through SAP Rankings, you avoid the hassles of trying to market yourself alone – most people do not have cold-calling expertise, or do not know how reach the correct hiring person. SAP Rankings eliminates those worries, bringing the SAP .panies to your profile – and getting you more opportunities in the process. In addition, SAP Rankings deals exclusively with SAP consultants. Unlike .panies such as Monster, DICE, or HotJobs, potential employers dont have to wade through resumes that are not applicable, like all the Oracle, Microsoft, and Java resumes that are found on these sites. SAP .panies use the SAP Rankings site to easily find SAP consultants. By registering with SAP Rankings, you can be sure that each hit on your profile is a by a .pany looking for a SAP consultant. That sounds great! You also said you would save me TIME . . . One of the biggest problems associated with using a staffing .pany is the delay in billing and payment. Many times a staffing .pany wont pay you until they have been paid – and if their accounting department is disorganized, your payment might be delayed for weeks. By dealing directly with the .pany, you receive more money, in less time. But, from a consulting standpoint, perhaps the biggest time-saver associated with SAP Rankings is the ability to develop an authentic relationship with a .pany that runs SAP. This is difficult to do when a staffing .pany is acting as the middleman. As youve likely experienced, there is frequently a disconnect between consultant and .pany, which can result in misunderstandings and a lack of efficiency on such things as contract timelines, invoice payments, and performance issues. As a result, staffed consultants be.e upset or discouraged, and their work is often affected. The .pany might not want you for its next project, or the staffing .pany might not offer you the next job youre qualified for even though the staffing .panys lack of .munication is the reason for the problems in the first place! When you, as the consultant, can work together with a .pany, directly, not only are issues solved faster, the foundation for a long-term professional relationship is laid, in which both consultant and .pany benefit from open .munication and increased trust. By eliminating the telephone game, you not only save yourself a lot of time, but a lot of headaches, as well. So just how much money can SAP Rankings save me? Remember, SAP Rankings reduces, by an enormous amount, your costs associated with finding customers/employers. You register on the SAP Rankings site for free , with no .missions, no cuts, no watching 25% of your consulting fees disappear into the pockets of staffing .panies. Assume that you normally charge $125 an hour, and you work 40 hours a week. With a staffing .pany, youd only keep (if youre lucky) $100 of your fee. Over the course of the year, by letting the staffing .pany keep their .mission, you could lose out on $50,000. For consultants that want more exposure than the free service, sap functional consultants can upgrade for $200 to be listed at the top of their SAP category. This annual fee (about 2 billable SAP hours) helps consultants get selected sooner than their peers. Your small marketing investment in SAP Rankings could generate a significant increase in your take-home earnings. You undoubtedly want to make more MONEY, do it in less TIME, and save yourself the stress of dealing with inefficient, and potentially in.petent staffing .panies. SAP Rankings can do this for you – and more. Check it out more for SAP consultants and Certified SAP Consulting .pany 相关的主题文章: