UnCategorized When you have credit card debt you have put limits on your life that keep you from living the life that you deserve. And no one wants that. The problem is when people have overwhelming debt it takes them a while to realize that they need help and then often times they don’t know where to get that help. But delaying dealing with your finances that are in trouble only limits your options. Debt consolidation credit counseling is one of the easiest options to use for a structured plan for getting out of debt. Your consumer debt is consolidated into a debt management plan that only requires one payment each month. It is not a loan. So a credit check and owning a home is not a requirement. About 90% of individuals that ask for this type of debt relief can be helped. Your accounts can be paid off in five years or less by making only a 2% payment. The reason that the plan allows you to be out of debt in this amount of time is because most or all of your interest rates will be reduced to 10% or less. Interest is what makes for a long repayment period on debt and with it being reduced significantly you can be debt free in a reasonable amount of time. So, if you are making a $200 payment each month and $180 of it is going to interest, enrolling in credit counseling will allow a much larger portion of that payment to be applied to the principle balance of the account. Credit counseling is an option that will not ruin your credit score as long as you follow the program the way it is meant to be executed. You can get a free quote for debt consolidation credit counseling as soon as today. While credit counseling is the first step towards getting your life back, but it is not the step. This is a process and there are other things that need to be done. You will have to work at finding out why you spend money or live more expensively than you should. If you do not get to the root of your overspending, you will have debt again. Then there is the planning for the future. Beginning with an emergency fund is a good start. If you have money put away for unplanned expenses, you will not have to use charge cards. Educate yourself on what it takes to be financially free. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: