Why children don’t go to school after school entrance exam has been facing pressure, Chinese students studying in the process is necessary, for parents to accompany the candidates how to relieve the pressure, for a long time is spent course. (photo: Phoenix Buddhist Photography: Lin Yanhuang), the pressure is great, a school teacher is ready to start forcing progress." The new semester is about to begin, but only half of the tension test has been wrapped up in the sprint ahead of many high school. The spirit of Hualian medicine, Tzu Chi hospital physician Xu Zhiyao to remind parents, if discover the child up from the previous high school, love school, become do not want to go to school or attitude becomes procrastination, there may be problems of adapting, parents can talk more, but also expressed understanding, so that the child’s "emotional cold life" has become a stumbling block.   don’t let the physical and psychological pressure and cold worked to beware of prospective high school students after school, will face exams for reciprocal pressure, which may also hide their long-term pressure. Many high school kids will rise, even during the summer, in addition to outside or on time every day to go to the library and cram school report summer counseling, one day more than ten hours to read the book, after school not only learn new progress, but also to study the measurement part, can only use the system under review class time increased, the students facing exams often have "read after feeling", will not only cause the body overwork, also can affect the psychological "cold".   Xu Zhiyao said, in the doctor who had met self demanding high school students, grades of the high school is among the best, give yourself more pressure, every exam is always worried about "if this test will not first, how do second?" This exam worried well, after the examination results will not have to worry about the double pressure of the ideal, not only let the students spend more time in school, when students would not rest rest, even sacrifice sleep time and leisure entertainment, did not think of when the heart of the "pressure cooker" can not afford, to become more tense study, inattention, poor efficiency, the psychological stress reactions in the body, have stomach pain, headache, palpitation, chest tightness or other phenomena. How to avoid a "emotional cold", the spirit of Hualian medicine, Tzu Chi hospital physician Xu Zhiyao interview, were the parents and students to provide emotional and relieve the pressure of the company. (map) in fact, as parents, usually teach children, more to encourage instead of blame, positive thinking ability of children, to enjoy their own advantages, enhance their resistance and self-confidence, let the children have the courage to challenge themselves, learn to be responsible, to let the children learn to be happy. Do not need to take the results compare with others. If frustrated because of poor grades, suggest that family and friends when a listener, the child’s feelings of empathy, avoid saying pungent words, to avoid increasing the pressure of the conflict with each other. Patience to listen to children and share with said to relieve the pressure of Xu Zhiyao advised parents to accompany the child in the face of life test, may wish to talk to spend more time with children, can start from weekdays to the child observation, for example, "I saw you seem very vexed recently, I do not know me right?" You seem to be very quiet lately, what’s the matter?.相关的主题文章: