Why can merge with the way tourism Wanda tourism? After several rounds of rumors, the travel channel in Beijing in October 14, people.com.cn in the market, with the way tourism in October 9th announced the acquisition of Wanda Wanda Beijing Tourism Group’s investment limited, the transaction will be in stock + cash, but did not disclose the specific amount of the same way. The main asset is Wanda tourism travel agency in 12 under the line. Why can merge with the way tourism Wanda tourism? 13, said that with the way tourism CEO Wu Zhixiang media interview, the merger is expected to achieve three win, Wanda can realize the reorganization of assets, in the same way in the future to obtain higher capital gains, 12 travel agencies can obtain support, the same way you can line leveraging. It is understood that in recent years, Wanda tourism in Hubei, Beijing, Jiangxi, Anhui, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Wuxi, Zhejiang, Nanjing, Hunan, Kunming, Xiamen 12 provinces completed 12 acquisitions of local high-quality travel agency, 2015 operating income reached 12 billion yuan, in 2016 is expected to exceed 16 billion yuan. In July last year, Wanda 3 billion 580 million yuan strategic investment with the way of tourism, with the total amount of financing at the same time more than 6 billion yuan, in addition to Wanda, there are also Tencent investment fund industry win-win, CITIC Capital and other institutions. Wanda Group invested a lot in the tourism industry, has been known to be the world’s largest tourism enterprises, this will be the same way but packaged into Wanda tourism. Wu Zhixiang said, Wanda investment in the same way has been the largest shareholder in the same way, the same way into CITS Wanda tourism’s 12 travel agencies are the best travel around the line, included in the national top 100 more than 6, has a strong influence on the market in the country, and contribute to the collaborative development into the same way. After the completion of the merger and reorganization, with the way tourism is expected in 2017 will be profitable, in 2018 revenues of more than 50 billion, net profit of more than 2 billion. Wu Zhixiang said, with the way the mission is to let more people enjoy the fun of travel, to let consumers see their core competencies, values, see business intentions, entrepreneurs in the heart and the heart of the user is common, which is to create value for customers, in the heart into the user, which is the core competitiveness of enterprises. (Feng Yatao, even pure commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: