Leadership takes centre stage in the world of network marketing and this article is set to provoke a reaction in you that you may just sitting in Acres of Diamonds right now. One of the finest purchases I ever made was a cassette tape set (remember those?) of Earl Nightingale’s Lead the Field and my favourite "moral tale / story" was Acres of Diamonds. Most of us are living in a world packed with distractions at every time of the day and night. We are drawn to quick fixes by our human nature but as with most things that miracle cure never quite lives up to its name. You will hear from the top earners in your industry that success really is all about doing the fundamentals there is not much glamour or tinsel to put on the tasks in hand but if you just persistently and consistently do the fundamentals everything else will follow behind. In the "Acres of Diamonds" story it tells the tale of a farmer in Africa who had heard tales about other farmers who had made millions discovering diamond mines. The farmer in Africa heard so many stories of how farmers just like him were striking it rich finding diamond mines that he sold his farm and went searching for his diamond mine albeit unsuccessfully for the rest of life. As the African farm’s new owner was tending to his land one day he travelled by a small stream. As he did so a blue and red light glinting from the bottom of the stream caught his eye and he scooped it up. Not thinking too much of it other than it appeared to be something that he quite admired he returned home and placed in next to his fireplace. Thinking that the stone was perhaps a crystal the farmer never thought anything else about it until a visitor picked up the stone and nearly keeled over. He asked the farmer if he realised that what he had in his hand was one of the largest diamonds ever discovered? The farmer had no idea until that moment that his stone was a diamond in the rough. Understanding that the visitor had identified a rough diamond, the farmer went on to say that his small stream was full of the stones, none as big but they were plenty more. So even though the original farmer had sold this farm to seek his fortune elsewhere he had in fact been sitting on Africa’s largest producing diamond mine all along. The moral of the story is that if the first farmer had taken the time to learn what diamonds looked like in their rough state he would have realised that what he was looking for was right under his nose all the time. Make sure you are not standing in an Acre of Diamonds right now before you rush off and buy into the next best thing. Understand that perhaps some of your downline may just need a little help in the right direction or perhaps you just need to do more of what you are doing every day? If you pay too much attention to everything going on outside of your business you can easily fall into the thinking that all you need is a great compensation plan, the right products, the right mentor and everything will be fine. The answer very often lies within you and if you can just see yourself as you know you can be the world is your oyster. About the Author: Diane Cossie specialises in helping others build their brand online using the premier online sales and marketing system. Her mission is in building her "Go Big or Go Home" team of entrepreneurs who like to think big. For an invitation to Free Marketing webinars, leaderships calls and more visit the blog for all the details. Free Training Invitation Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Leadership By: Sandy Z – According to Jim Rohn there are seven qualities of a great leader. What are they? By: Sandy Z – How do you attract more clients and sell more product? You need to listen more. 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