After supper walk any harm | walk after dinner walk

indigestion _ Sina health _ saying "a walk after a meal, can live ninety-nine", in fact, this statement is not scientific. From the physiological functions of digestion, the stomach is filling in the stomach after a meal, then we must ensure that the gastrointestinal tract has sufficient blood supply for preliminary digestion. After a proper rest, to ensure that the gastrointestinal tract to get more blood supply. After dinner walk if the meal immediately after a walk, the blood needs to be transported to other parts of the body, gastrointestinal blood supply is reduced accordingly, the food can not be fully digested. Besides, the digestive fluid in the stomach is caused by reflex eat into the food, full stomach, gastric juice secretion ability. Such as a walk after dinner, the stomach in the activity of rapid peristalsis, the food is not fully digested prematurely into the small intestine, so that food nutrition can not be fully digested and absorbed. Some people eat, but feel stomach fullness, and nutrition is not absorbed into the body, the body still in the "hunger" state. At this time, hurry up and go, it is bound to have a part of the blood to the sports system, so that the delay in the secretion of digestive juice, the destruction of the normal digestion of the stomach, easy to induce functional dyspepsia. Some people can not go after the meal, such as patients suffering from ptosis. These people should not be a walk after dinner, even the general move should also be reduced, can choose after supine for 10 minutes. Because the food is filled in the stomach after a meal, and then erect activity, it will increase the vibration of the stomach, increase the burden on the stomach, causing or aggravating stomach sagging. Patients suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease most avoid exercise after meals. Because of the increase in gastrointestinal activity after meals, gastrointestinal blood flow increases, the corresponding reduction in brain blood flow, thereby increasing the severity of the disease. In addition, taking a walk after suffering from coronary heart disease, hypertension, cerebral arteriosclerosis, diabetes, chronic esophageal disease and stomach surgery patients are also very unfavorable. It may lead to exacerbation of angina, dizziness, abdominal discomfort, postural hypotension, premature beat, tachycardia, and atrial fibrillation. In addition, if the temperature is low in winter, the dining environment, indoor and outdoor temperature difference, meal time to eat florid and sweating, if in a hurry to leave the restaurant, walking in the cold stimulation rustling, sweat glands and subcutaneous tissue capillaries easily lead to sudden contraction of wind cold headache, but also increased the burden of heart blood. Therefore, after appropriate meditation, close your eyes for 30 minutes and then more appropriate activities.   from China Textile Press "out of misunderstanding" Kang month with life相关的主题文章: