After delivery: Women’s body will have what symptom? – Sohu maternal review: produced after the mother’s body needs time to recover. At this point you may feel your breasts are heavy, the core is not strong, always want to urinate, or even very tired. These are the inevitable process of postpartum, when the body is almost the same time, the symptoms will be greatly reduced. First, postpartum women will have some physical symptoms, breasts feel heavy your breasts may be very heavy, you may not be able to wear any short version of the jacket. You may also find it hard to run with a heavy breast. So, if you want to exercise, you can try to end up after breastfeeding. The pelvis feels heavy after the first exercise in your production, and you may feel that your lower body is unusually heavy. So before you rush to a high intensity exercise, focus on the pelvic floor muscles to help you recover. Postpartum you will feel very heavy breasts. There is no power at the core of your abdomen to stretch and grow for more than 9 months, so it is natural that you will have only a little or no core strength. Therefore, make sure you continue to exercise the core, so that you can quickly restore the core strength. You may have been wanting to go to the toilet frequently, especially after a high strength forging, or after forging the pelvic floor muscles. Therefore, the low strength forging, and forging time not too long. I feel very tired, you may feel tired for a few days, and I am tired. Breastfeeding will make you feel very tired. Don’t be in a hurry, wait for your body to recover. Two, postpartum recovery should pay attention to the problem, get a lot of rest will give you a lot of labor, and you need to take care of the baby, so you may not have too much energy. Allow yourself to rest, so as to restore health as soon as possible, to avoid excessive fatigue. Drink plenty of water to feed breast milk need to add a lot of liquid, in order to improve the supply of breast milk, to avoid dehydration. In addition, drinking plenty of water can also help you recover as quickly as possible. Place a bottle of water in the area of lactation and replenish the water every time you suckle. Eating healthy food can cause you to lose a lot of blood, and the body’s wounds and the uterus need nutrients to recover. Therefore, you should give more protein, iron, vitamin C, D and other nutrients. Do not lift heavy objects because your uterus has not recovered, the body has not recovered. Therefore, you can not lift heavy objects, even holding your baby is not suitable for holding too long. Use a small pillow to support your baby while breastfeeding.相关的主题文章: