Arts-and-Entertainment A full range of data feed solutions can serve your website visitors in a number of ways. Whether your firm is a financial, energy, agricultural, software, or media firm, you could be providing access to markets from around the world. Cover data from equities, funds, indices, .modities, currencies, and interest rates. Your website can connect with a streaming data feed using a market data API (Application Programming Interface), or access market data on demand. Choose from an assortment of data feeds that relate to the way your website visitors invest in the market. Real-time data feeds provide up-to-the-minute financial information for monitoring market fluctuations. End of day data feeds provide .prehensive coverage of global financial markets for charting and technical analysis to discover trading patterns. Historical market data can be used on demand when data is required for in-depth analysis. Lets look at each of these data feeds. Real-time data feeds can be delivered to your website in a raw or consolidated format utilizing multiple APIs. Broadcast data feeds using a .NET or Java API, or web services XML-based feeds are designed to integrate seamlessly into your website programming. You could choose a broadcast feed for your website, streaming available market data through multiple APIs. Or receive a raw exchange, where youll receive streaming data in original exchange format. Or receive data through a query/response server, which delivers snapshots of prices when requested. All of these feeds can be used to deliver real-time data to your website visitors. End of day data solutions can cover global equities, indices, futures, and foreign exchange markets, giving your website visitors a birds eye view of the days trading. Receive full-tick data and interval bars delivered as an end of day batch file. Whether you require international equity data or global .modity coverage, end of day feeds can be yours. Dont ignore historical data on equity, mutual fund, index, .modity, currency, and interest rate markets. Historical end of day and historical intraday data can be delivered as a database for you to maintain, or you can order these feeds on demand, using web services for the delivery of this data when your website visitor requests them. Where are these feeds available? Barchart Market Data Solutions has offered clean, reliable data feeds for websites since 1995. And addition to price data, Barchart provides other information available in a data feed format, tooequity, mutual fund and .modity fundamentals, news, and even weather. Barchart offers three different code based market data API so that businesses can easily connect to real-time, delayed, historical, and end of day data feeds. For more information, visit BarchartMarketData… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: