Want to let the baby IQ EQ, you only need to do this thing! – Sohu mother and child every mother wants their baby smart, healthy, high EQ, so in the promotion of these three capabilities, are often spared no effort. We know that to develop a smart baby from the mother during pregnancy began to prepare for, to maintain a pleasant mood, early fetal education timely supplement of DHA…… Using various methods to promote the development of fetal brain. After the baby is born, there is no way to let the baby become smart? Let’s listen to authoritative opinions from the United States children’s speech language therapist Cara Barthelette read the pathology of these suggestions, we will know, the original, cultivate a clever baby oh so simple! Don’t need to spend a lot of money to let the baby early education classes, also do not need to buy expensive, expensive toys, only need to give the baby a valid company, your baby will become smarter! Don’t hesitate to act! Leave a message today – do you have a good time with your kids? (the moon together with you to explore the moon) but also to do a small advertisement for myself, my new book "don’t the kids grow up to regret you are doing too much" has been officially on sale at jd.com. I believe this book for many is in a period of anxiety parenting mothers bring real help, please support the moon yo — END — special statement: This is the 60 mother moon original, for reprint, please contact the "60 mother Moonlight" unauthorized reprint, the report. And legal liability! More parenting education content, pediatric massage, children read the contents; welcome the attention WeChat public number: 60 ID:liushifenmama [60 mother moonlight, moonlight] National Youth mother heart growth registered teenagers psychological development supervisor, consultant, pediatric massage, pediatric disease green therapy promotion, the promotion of children’s reading people相关的主题文章: