Wang Yi met with Kerrey: do not want to see the U.S. warships to the South American naval destroyer in the South China Sea, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in the unusual period of the visit to the United states. On the 23 day, he met with Secretary of State Condoleezza Kerrey to discuss several issues, such as the South China Sea, the DPRK nuclear issue and climate change. After the meeting, the two stressed the need to resolve the DPRK issue through negotiations. On the South China Sea issue, Wang Yi said that China has the right to safeguard the sovereignty of the South China Sea, and the South China Sea issue should not be a problem between China and the United states. Wang Yi stressed that China and ASEAN are fully capable of maintaining peace and stability in the South China Sea. China does not want to see more military reconnaissance, and more missile destroyers or strategic bombers come to the South China Sea region. Kerrey said, to solve the South China Sea disputes by diplomatic methods to maintain the space, and the solution is, according to the law, through negotiation, rather than unilateral action to solve the problem, he hopes to stop the militarization of reefs, and reiterated that the United States is committed to ensuring freedom of maritime navigation and aviation. Earlier, Kerrey said at the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations hearings that the United States encouraged a peaceful settlement of the South China Sea dispute. Harris, commander of the US Pacific Command, said that China’s military deployment in the South China Sea is "changing" the U.S. military action environment, and that the deployment of missiles on different islands may threaten the U.S. carrier, but the US ships only have the ability to cope with it. According to observer network reported earlier, foreign minister Wang Yi began 23 days of a visit to the United States for 3 days. In the meantime, he will hold talks with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Kerrey, defense minister Carter, President of the national security affairs assistant Susan Rice and senior officials related to the Obama administration. American media said that Wang Yi’s visit was to visit Washington under the increasingly tense situation caused by the deployment of China’s advanced air defense missiles to the South China Sea islands.

王毅会见克里:不想再看到美国军舰战机来南海 美军驱逐舰   中国外长王毅于非常时期展开访美行程。23日,他与美国国务卿克里会面,讨论了南海、朝核与气候变化等多个议题。会后两人强调,要透过谈判解决朝鲜问题。而在南海问题上,王毅说,中方有权维护南海主权,南海问题也不应该成中美之间的问题。   王毅强调,中国和东盟完全有能力、继续维持南海的和平稳定,中方不希望看到更多军事性侦察、以及更多导弹驱逐舰或战略轰炸机来到南海地区。   克里表示,需要保持空间、以外交方法解决南海争端,而解决方案是依据法律,通过谈判、而不是单方行动解决问题,他希望岛礁军事化停止,又重申美方致力确保海上航行和航空自由。   较早前,克里在美国参议院外交关系听证会说,美国鼓励和平解决南海争端。   美军太平洋司令部司令哈里斯则说,中国在南海的军事部署正在“改变(美军)军事行动环境”,中国在不同岛礁部署导弹可能威胁美国航母,但美方船只有能力应付。   据观察者网此前报道,外交部长王毅23日开始展开对美国为期3天的访问。期间,他将与美国国务卿克里、国防部长卡特、总统国家安全事务助理苏珊・赖斯以及相关的奥巴马政府高级官员举行会谈。美国媒体称,王毅的这次访问是在中国向南海岛屿部署先进防空导弹引发的日益紧张的局势下访问华盛顿。相关的主题文章: