Wait until the day, take my "mouse" to autumn…… Do you remember the last time the zoo? Boiled again, this would be a lovely burst table values "mouse" when the girl felt very suitable for ~ chowhound for breakfast, fruits and vegetables are very rich food! Video we prepare the food 1 boiled eggs and 1 pieces of bread 1 slices of cheese 2 slices of ham moderate amount of lettuce tomato half carrot 2 black sesame seeds 1 steps to boil water, fire, Boiled Egg, about 9 minutes; egg Sheng, ice water, more conducive to peeling eggshell. 2 carrot, shredded cheese sliced wafer; a triangle, with Straw dig a small disk. Figure 3 cut a small protein, with a knife two slits in the egg surface, inserted on carrot disks, do ears, eyes with black sesame. Figure 4 a little cheese as wafer respectively on both sides of the mouse nose, plug the carrots, as beard. 5 cut the ham slices, and then roll up to make ham; cheese slices on the bread, eggs, lettuce, small tomatoes, ham, can be placed on the plate. Is not a simple and cute, you also eat breakfast tomorrow it ~ the delicacy. Amy Tong Video Workshop.相关的主题文章: