User operations, how to do a good job of data analysis of active users – Sohu technology today to talk about the user’s first operation, the basic topic of active. For a Internet Co, if you do not set up a separate data operation post, then the user is closest to the operation and data, but also must be the most understanding of the user. The methodology of the user’s core is three: pull new, live and stay. Pull the new channel can be promoted as a separate discussion, and promotion and retention are complementary. Non operating post, or other types of operations, usually only focus on the results of an active data, and will not pay attention to the cause of active data. We examine here to teach you more quickly understand the active system. The Internet Co on the definition of active users alike, mainly to the user to open a APP as an active user. According to this basis can be extended in the time dimension of the week active users, monthly active users. That is, to open a APP within a natural week, this week for active users. Monthly active users in the same way. We assume that there is a new product, which is the active data within four months. Well, it looks good. The product market focus in different areas, different number of active users. The vertical field of products and extensive social products a niche, simply look at the number of active users, it is difficult for you to define their quality. Good data indicators should be proportional or proportional. We set a new indicator of activity: the proportion of active users in the total number of users in a given period of time. According to the time dimension extension, there is a daily activity rate of DAU, weekly activity WAU, monthly activity of MAU. Example: monthly active, active users in the month by the end of the total registered users accounted for. Generally speaking: the number of active users, see the product market volume. Activity rate, look at the health of the product. Have to admit, different products, user needs (high frequency or low frequency), the activity is also different. It is the responsibility of the user to monitor the changes in the activity rate and improve it. See, the number of active users increased, decreased activity, which is normal for new products. You can’t ask every user to use our product? Don’t worry, I don’t have a knife. We count the number of registered users, so we can calculate this month the number of new users, is very simple, two months of subtraction. Did you see anything? You know, in accordance with the active definition, the new registered users must be open APP users, he must also be active users. So, we get the total number of registered users per month minus the number of new users, the number of old users. And the active rate of new and old users independently. After the index split, we found that the activity of the old user is lower than expected. In fact, early in the product, the channel to invest resources to promote, or a successful viral marketing, because of the rise in the number of new users, will always lead to an increase in the number of active. A products intended to make a big investment in May, on the APP activities, I hope the user to participate, while in B.相关的主题文章: