Unlock the minimalist makeup makeup transfer Han male god love lead: often gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory face a new drama or other, is bound to cause a reign of terror in imitation of the makeup boom, recently popular "minimalist Smecta makeup", on the basis of more emphasis in nude make-up facial features, the natural pure, there seems to be no makeup to the makeup of the state, no wonder Suzy and crystal are drawn up! (source: PClady) Pei Xiuzhi Zheng Xiujing’s minimalist makeup to unlock the woman’s makeup says South Korea the old driver, recently in South Korea and pop up "minimalist makeup", rather than simply the pursuit of full face without makeup nude make-up effect is better than makeup makeup, simplify the flaw and modification steps, will maximize the facial features the advantage of its amplification is the focus of the minimalist makeup of the fine, the original Suzy and crystal had painted on the makeup! Suzy Pei Xiuzhi pure like the minimalist crystal makeup face is the first love in the drama drama outside the harvest God killer! Bright light pink lip makeup collocation through the sense of Hydra, the small white rabbit face pure and harmless girl sense of natural curls, Suzy in the girl next door and add a fresh temperament in two playful. Pei Xiuzhi "any attachment" although the plot idea, but JiaBuZhu two Yan Ba child heart and dog abuse, especially Suzy play every frame to this pictorial, if there seems to be no hint of makeup fresh temperament will play to the extreme, Xiaobian for everyone has to find strong Korean girl high imitation makeup tutorials, see if you can unlock it! Show wisdom imitation makeup line! South Korean woman is really painting eyes of old driver steps figure step1 Foundation: in order to create a glossy finish, you can add a Diudiu pearlescent makeup before the milk in the foundation, wet the cotton pad, to press the pat on the makeup can make makeup more lasting refreshing. Note that the foundation is completed, only in the now and the small T area can be covered to avoid loose powder makeup, skin Shuiguang sense. Figure Step2: like the steps of eyebrow makeup is born, no sense of natural eyebrow painted is popular, with a very fine pencil can better depict eyebrow, deliberately to create a flat straight without eyebrow, with some natural radian, dense velvet feeling wild eyebrow is all lies. Figure Step3 step Makeup: makeup makeup part very light, similar to light brown eye shadow color selection and smearing gently dizzy in the eye socket, make the eyes more profound, but it won’t be too strong. In order to deepen the outline of the eye, with a deep brown eye shadow to deepen the tail part of the eye, the lower eyelid has also been gently. Step chart with eyeliner Eyeliner outline fine, Part 23 only painted, the key is to be filled with thin eyelash root, clear eyelash makeup stressed weak sense. There are two main steps in the "map" of any attachment Suzy lip color, lighter color warm orange pink lotus or, this kind of MLBB lip color in her remarkable pure at the same time, and not look very poor, quiet taste more matte texture. Pay attention to make the lips look fuzzy lip plump and natural. Any attachment! Add a contrast, is not and show the wisdom of fried chicken? Show wisdom crystal.相关的主题文章: