When they first conceptualized Blackberry, they were keen on creating a device that was small in size and did many activities singularly, without the support of any external or bulky devices. They wanted a device that supported internet faxing without the use of a fax machine, web browsing without the use of a bulky laptop or desktop, push mail and many more such facilities. The result of this idea was the birth of Blackberry. In the later stages, RIM launched many different models of blackberry and classified them according to their features and specifications. Blackberry Curve is one such handset. This handset is an affordable device that supports many Blackberry features like BBM, Voice memo, predictive text input along with many other features like 32 MB external memory support, Wi-Fi, Touch sensitive optical track-pad and many more other features. Many network specific Blackberry handsets also boast the network specific keys and applications that are pre-loaded in the phone. These application can be only accessible when the phone is locked to the network. But this security creates a new kind of issue for the corporate users – especially those who travel for work – International Roaming Charges. region-specific SIM cards can cut your costs to a great extent. You can also take advantages of the different benefits that are provided by specific networks on calling rates, web browsing rates and many more different charges. Unlocking the phone in this manner initially raised a lot of questions about the lawfulness and authenticity of process. People also questioned the possibilities of interruption or termination of the existing contract with the service providers. But seeing the flow of the people and considering their genuine needs, the government of USA regularized the process of unlocking the phone. Now this process got a legal status and more people started opting for this. As a result, many network-specific handsets were sold. either choose from various dealers that do the job online or you can also choose your neighborhood dealer. Any dealer you choose will do the same job, as long you know that the dealer is trustworthy. A wrongly unlocked phone by a novice or an unknown dealer can go wrong and deem the phone worthless. Unlocking Blackberry Curve provides definite advantages. You also have the advantages to continuing your contract with the previous network provider, and yet use the How To Cancel Or Edit Sent E-mail In Gmail By: Vivek Bisht – Think what will be if e-mails sent to any wrong e-mail address or what will be if e-mails sent with missing contents or any wrong contents. It is a general habit gets in many email users, while they send e-mails, they never check and confirm … Tags: Paper Rolls About Stationary Used In Office By: upty – Find an article on paper rolls and their variants. 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