Careers-Employment A psychiatric technician works in different settings such as long-term care facilities, centers to treat addiction and mental health hospitals. Their job duties include taking care of patients with mental and emotional health challenges. Yet, their duties also depend on what kind of facility they work in, experience needed for the position and background of education. Education standards alone can vary; from a high school diploma to a certificate of certification or college degree. The purpose of their job overall is to help patients receive needed care or assistance while watching their condition. This may include giving medication or assessing treatment part of a treatment plan. Some patients need help with certain areas of their health when they are arrested or mentally challenged. Assistance by a psychiatric technician may include providing basic care such as help with hygiene, bathing and personal grooming. The technician may also keep a watchful eye on patients to ensure their safety. It is .mon for mental health patients to be under surveillance to keep them from trouble. Watching them also helps identify patients who have a hard time remaining focused or staying out of trouble. Surveillance is also provided by the technician in certain settings such as a jail or mental health ward. In such facilities, a patient can be.e violent at unknown times and even be.e a threat to others. In this case, they may restrain the patient and even move them to another area to maintain safety. Moving a patient to another area often results in helping them calm down from an emotional outrage. A psychiatric technician may help patients by talking to them about their situation. They may offer solutions to their problems through different activities. A patient may need additional assistance but .municating with them is usually found to be useful for such patients. It helps them develop a sense of trust, safety and help those .plete tasks easier. There is a certain level of interaction that technicians engage in with patients that is significant. This is because what they do has a great effect on how a patient obtains treatment. A psychiatric technician may help develop treatment plans for patients aside from actively following procedures. A technician is known for working with other health professionals in carrying out treatment plans such as psychiatrists, nurses and therapists. They often work with medical professionals who have extensive background education and experience. Administering medication is another job duty a psychiatric technician may perform. It often depends on the setting the care is being given since a nurse may have this duty as well. A technician may also give medicine during emergency situations such as a sedative or an injection of antipsychotics for patients who be.e disruptive. Work hours may vary for this position but many work full time and at least 8 to 12 hours a day. Depending on the facility care is given some may provide ongoing care around the clock during the day and evening. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: