Uber fight within 10 years of transition to self driving services, truck driver jobs may not Paul – technology Sohu observer-reporter reported, Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf 4, signed a decree allowing yuho (Uber Technologies Inc.), Lyft from now on in the local legal business. Yuho Pennsylvania, Delaware PR Director Shari Shapiro pointed out that, in order to make Pittsburgh become self driving international headquarters, excellent step has create 500 jobs in the local. Shapiro said that the best step in the next 10 years, gradually transformed into the autopilot service company. She said that Pittsburgh would be the place to decide the future of the driverless car. Jg-tc reported on 3, the self driving for many Americans living on driving is a major threat, which including 2 million 900 thousand trucks and truck drivers, 674 thousand bus drivers and 181 thousand taxi drivers. Moshe, a computer scientist at the Rice University, Vardi, says the truck driver will be the number one victim of a self driving wave, as they move on a fixed lane without having to contend with human driving. The Guardian reported on October 30th, Volvo senior technical director Erik Coelingh said the test plan in 2018 the start will be open 100 four wheel drive car rental for British consumers, these self driving appearance would be with the same type of Volvo cars, was able to do that because some drivers found after driving on the road, may make a sudden stopping dangerous provocation. (by MoneyDJ authorized reprint news source: Flickr LukeRobinson1CC by; the first figure 2) read: for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: