TV series such as "Yi Zhuan" boot   producer: Wallace Huo is not afraid to play " slag male " – entertainment channel — original title: Producer: Wallace Huo is not afraid of his "slag male 23, written by Liu Lianzi Wang Jun, director of the legendary masterwork" such as Yi Qing biography "held in Beijing the starting ceremony. Behind the creative and starring Xun Zhou, Wallace Huo, Dong Jie, Li Chun, Zhilei, Xin by Ceng Yixuan et al, all the scene, together for the play on the opening. It is reported that the play in the next 8 months of shooting period, will continue after Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Zhejiang etc. viewfinder. The play in 2017 will be landing in Jiangsu TV happy theater broadcast nationwide. Yangzi Evening News reporter Zhang Yi Xun Zhou Wallace Huo and stars into the palace as "biography" is "Yi Zhen?" author Liu Lianzi five years of painstaking creation and adaptation and a magnificent masterpiece, tells the story of the Qianlong emperor, to "Yi" as the representative of the Qing imperial concubine after intrauterine love hate life. At the beginning of this year, the TV drama "such as Yi Chuan" choupai officially announced the news, also announced by the "three gold film" Xun Zhou plays the heroine as "yi". At the same time, the actor candidate caused a lot of speculation. At the end of May, the new "emperor" officially "throne", Wallace Huo surfaced, the TV screen is two for the first time the audience expectations quickly detonated cooperation. As a classic novel works, in addition to male and female, Qianlong palace group covers dozens of important role, has also attracted the brightest actors involved in the drama of the casting. Producer Huang Lan said: "such as" Yi Zhuan "is the largest investment in the company’s history, the largest of a play." Earlier this month, such as "Yi biography" palace book "by the official micro-blog drama released: Janine Chang plays highland, Dong Jie plays, played by Yao Tong Lang?? month, Xin Zhilei played Jin Yuyan, Li Chun, Wan Wei? By playing Ling Yunche Vivian Wu played Chen Haoyu, Empress Dowager Yi Huan, who played Yixuan o ruo…… The important role of a mysterious veil, which play a well-known actor strength, and fresh faces deduction, some netizens said: "this set of values and acting Yan in a lineup, people really can’t wait to see!" Yangxin Temple set first shot boot ceremony held in Qianlong residence "Yangxin Temple" temple door, according to the drama art director Han Zhong revealed that the shooting of all important scenes, more than a hundred such as: Yangxin temple, Yan Xi palace, Yi Kun palace, Mulan Wei Chang, the Hangzhou palace will build a real, and play continuous shooting early on Yangxin temple. On day, the stars is not a clear dress appearance, but also from the exposure and the ceremony in the picture, but let the image such as Yi and Qianlong glamour. Figure Xun Zhou light embrace Wallace Huo, tenderness feelings showing eyes, while Wallace Huo Xun Zhou resorted to "holding face, full of pity.". A "see I know you. Your ideal setting for a couple in love, that is, two people are heartbroken" when we first met. "" is the ideal setting for a couple in love part, with knowledge in micro sentimental love. It is understood that the new Emperor Qianlong reign, and the young love Ural chingying and dangerous there? Because Aunt rejected implicated)相关的主题文章: