Trump Ford portrayed as negative examples cause a violent response despite the two presidential candidates on Monday night in America are desperately playing trade hardliners, but Tang (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) Nader – Trump has attacked Ford car due to completely mistaken "small cars will shift production to Mexico" moves on the news the headlines. Yes, Ford is really moving small car production to Mexico. The reason is the small car almost unprofitable, so Ford needs more cheap labor and other costs that the production and sale of Ford Fox (such as ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and Ford C-Max such models is correct. Otherwise, Ford would like Chrysler automobile group that was disbanded, the latter was forced to shut down unprofitable dodge Dart and Chrysler 200 models. Ford’s Wayne assembly plant in Michigan has not been shut down and turned into a new spring Ford Ranger pickup truck. As a result, Ford’s Michigan employees have kept their jobs. And more jobs for Ford will be in Mexico. Trump’s statement says, "Ford is leaving, and we can see that its small car production sector, thousands of jobs are leaving Michigan, leaving Ohio". This is one of the best rhetorical tricks, but also the worst inaccurate statement. The key lies in the development of Mexico has become critical to Ford, FCA, general motors, Japan, Germany and South Korea automobile manufacturers and automotive parts manufacturers to the financial health of automobile production and export center. Lower labor costs are not the only reason, another factor is also very favorable, that is, Mexico signed a trade agreement in the tariff is less conducive to automobile exports. In fact, Mexico exports to the United States the number of cars to be added to Japan, Germany and South korea. On Monday night, someone said: "the Mexico automobile industry is the United States consumers can afford to buy a new car, one reason why so many of our car manufacturers to stay in business, let us appreciate." In Adam Smith, economists have an important role to play in praise of free trade to create wealth and employment opportunities, while politicians for partisan purposes tend to mining when the commodity price of labor to produce new market participants to create opportunities for the confusion and difficulties caused by market participants to this. For example, in 1980s, Japan began to produce cars in the state of Ohio, Maris Weil, Tennessee, such as soil wheat, since the Detroit automobile industry decline, political rhetoric has attracted a variety of annoying. Detroit’s automakers have been restored, mainly because they are more expansive view of globalization has made them in Chinese founded joint ventures in Europe, automobile production and increase investment in Mexico. The current economic reality will not last long, which means that manufacturers must continue to adjust, otherwise it will face the risk of failure. Mexico’s production costs have been rising along with the boom in its manufacturing sector. Lack of high quality labor force caused by the high rate of factory staff turnover, rising wages. In other words, the country as a vehicle to the relative.相关的主题文章: