Today Shandong will welcome rain in Dezhou light pollution other excellent Shandong weather weather forecasting in Shandong Qilu news network September 27th according to "good morning Shandong" reported that in addition to today’s Shandong province northwest, have light rain or showers in other regions, which have moderate shandong. Affected by cold air, Ji’nan will usher in cooling and shower weather. The day after tomorrow cloudy to sunny weather, and rain lunan. The highest temperature in the province is about 25 degrees celsius. In terms of air quality, except for mild pollution in Dezhou, other areas are excellent. The weather forecast is as follows: during the day to night, the northwestern weather overcast to cloudy weather in other regions, overcast with light rain, local rain Lunan region. Peninsula south wind level 3 to the north wind, 5~6 class gust 7, the other areas of the north wind gradually increased to 4~5 level 3. Maximum temperature: the province is generally about 25 degrees celsius. 28 during the day to night, the province cloudy to sunny weather. North wind, peninsula level 5~6 gust 7, other areas 4~5 gradually reduced to 3 level. Maximum temperature: the province is generally about 21 degrees celsius. 29 day to night, the southern region cloudy cloudy, local light rain, cloudy weather in other areas. Peninsula north 4~5 level gradually weakened to 3~4 class, other areas north wind southerly 2~3 level. Maximum temperature: the province is generally about 24 degrees celsius. According to the weather forecast of Jinan Jinan weather forecast, from 26 on the night, a new surge of cold air will begin to affect the provincial capital, and bring rain cool weather process. "The process temperature range of 6 degrees ~8 degrees Celsius, not particularly strong cold air, duration is not long, 29 days from the beginning of the temperature began to return.". A few days before National Day, the maximum temperature is nearly 30 degrees centigrade.

今日山东大部地区将迎降雨 德州现轻度污染其他优良 山东天气预报 山东天气预报   齐鲁网9月27日讯 据《早安山东》报道,今天山东全省除了鲁西北,其他地区都有小雨或者阵雨,其中鲁南有中雨。受冷空气影响,济南将迎来降温和阵雨天气。明天天气多云转晴,后天鲁南又有小雨。全省最高温在25摄氏度左右。空气质量方面,除了德州轻度污染 ,其他地区都是优良。   具体天气预报如下:   今天白天到夜间,鲁西北地区天气阴转多云,其他地区天气阴有小雨,鲁南地区局部有中雨。半岛地区南风3级转北风5~6级阵风7级,其他地区北风3级逐渐增强到4~5级。最高气温:全省一般25℃左右。   28日白天到夜间,全省天气多云转晴。北风,半岛地区5~6级阵风7级,其他地区4~5级逐渐减弱到3级。最高气温:全省一般21℃左右。   29日白天到夜间,鲁南地区天气多云转阴局部有小雨,其他地区天气多云。半岛地区北风4~5级逐渐减弱到3~4级,其他地区北风转南风2~3级。最高气温:全省一般24℃左右。 济南天气预报   另据济南市气象台的预报,从26日夜间起,新一股冷空气将开始影响省城,带来降雨降温天气过程。“过程降温幅度6℃~8℃左右,不算特别强的冷空气,持续时间不算长,29日白天起气温就开始回了。国庆节前几天,最高气温将近30℃。相关的主题文章: