To get the best job in the world of Cook, give you 7 first-class CEO cheats Jobs because of the light is too bright, 5 years people staring at Cook, he gave an every act and every move, how to answer? August 24, 2011, Cook was appointed as the new Apple Corp CEO, it has been a full five years. I remember iPhone 4S not yet released, gone on to iPhone 7, the time really is a ruthless butcher’s knife…… So, in 5 years captain Cook in the end is good? Positive data include: 1 Cook was officially took over in Apple’s fiscal year CEO 2011. That fiscal year, Apple’s total revenue was $108 billion 680 million, while Apple’s revenue in fiscal year 2015 has reached $231 billion 280 million. 2.2011 September, Apple has about 64 thousand full-time employees. By September 26, 2015, the number of full-time employees of Apple has been 110 thousand. 3 in the first quarter after Cook took office, apple Greater China revenue was $4 billion 490 million. In the 2015 holiday shopping season, apple Greater China revenue reached $18 billion 370 million. 4 in the Cook CEO any time, Apple’s stock price doubled, and the dividend has not been raised and stock repurchases and other factors to consider. Since Cook’s return on shareholder returns in 2012, Apple has distributed $44 billion 800 million in dividends to shareholders and bought back $127 billion in stock. At the end of the third quarter of fiscal year 5 to fiscal year 2016, apple held a total of $231 billion 500 million in cash and cash equivalents, only $5 a year ago. The negative data show: 1 according to the end of the month Apple released a new phase of earnings, revenue results can hardly be good-looking, the $42 billion 358 million figure is significantly lower than last year’s $49 billion 605 million. 2 apple in the Chinese market is a strong challenge by the domestic mobile phone manufacturers, Greater China $8 billion 848 million revenue fell by more than last year, 33%. Once the 9 visit to China Cook seems unable to reverse the decline, apple sales fell for the two consecutive quarter, sparked fears. So, to get the best job in the world of Tim · Cook, is not a first-class CEO? Look at the 7 management style of his most remarkable: a harsh discipline, Cook held a business meeting is to follow the prescribed order, discipline. He will carefully check every item and find any possible mistakes. Sometimes business meetings can last up to 6 hours. As a result, some Apple employees to hear the opening of a business meeting will be scared legs soft. "Cook and the little people tremble with fear. He was so calm, exudes a Zen like aura. He never says no nonsense. He would say, ‘tell me about your performance data. Take out your report. " While drinking soda water." An apple employee said. If Cook focus to one of the staff, it is give the third degree. Why does it happen? What on earth are you talking about? I don’t understand what you mean。 Why don’t you make it clear…… Everyone knows that sometimes Cook would repeat the question up to 10 times until he was satisfied. "相关的主题文章: