Travel-and-Leisure Richmond Hotels with Four Star Ratings Guests can easily find many four-star hotels in Richmond, Virginia. These hotels give prompt and exceptional help and assistance. Check-ins, 24-hour room service, personalized wake-up calls by request, turn down service, and deliveries are conducted in a quick and competent manner by trained personnel. Laundry and pressing services are usually done within the same day of the request. Guests inquiries and requests are attended to by a separate concierge desk. The rooms are spacious, clean and orderly, and very tasteful, usually with an in-room safe. Expensive art pieces adorn the guest rooms and for entertainment, cable television with premium channels is provided. These four-star hotels offer their guests well equipped fitness centers, indoor or outdoor swimming pools, and spa services that can be requested by appointment, either at the hotel facility or inside the hotel room, all handled by experts. They also have a business center with local call access, high-speed internet, fax, and printing services. For fine dining and entertainment, there are onsite restaurants and lounges. Environmentally Friendly Hotels in Richmond More and more hotels in Richmond, Virginia have become environmentally friendly over the years. Most green hotels practice optional linen service wherein guests are encouraged not to have their linen changed every day by reusing their towels and sheets and the housekeeping staff is trained to have linen changed only upon request. Recycling and proper waste management is another practice hotels have adopted. The housekeeping staff is instructed to save unopened items that can be reused. As much as possible, reusable items like glass dishes and water receptacles are used and plastic, aluminum, paper, and glass refuse are for recycling. Environmentally friendly hotels also practice water and energy conservation methods like installing energy efficient appliances and light fixtures, setting up individual thermostats in each room, and regular maintenance of water and bath systems. Guests are also politely encouraged to turn off lights in unoccupied rooms and switch off electronics when not in use. Hotels also get services and products from other eco-friendly businesses as well. Pet Friendly Richmond Hotels You and your pet animal can have a hassle free and enjoyable vacation if you plan ahead of time. More and more tourist accommodations include pets as part of their clientele and the days when you have to place your pet cat or dog in the care of a neighbor, relative, or friend while you are out on your holiday are now long gone. There are many hotels in Richmond that allow pet animals to stay in their owners hotel room. The owners are charged fees for their animals, usually on a per night or per stay and non-refundable basis, which cover extra housekeeping services for cleaning after your pet. A deposit is required by some hotels to safeguard them against damaged property, returned at the end of the stay if there is not. There may be some restrictions that hotels apply to pets allowable in their premises; responsible owners should inquire first before booking in. There are hotels that do not allow pets in certain areas and others can expel dogs that disturb other guests through excessive barking. Richmond Hotels and their Fitness Centers Fitness centers are principal amenities offered by hotels in Richmond. Working out and keeping in shape is important to hotel guests even while on vacation. Business travelers and those who are on a lengthy stay find this particular hotel amenity very useful in their overall well-being. It is common to find complete and state of the art exercise equipment in hotels like those in gyms and other fitness centers. Aerobics and yoga classes are also provided by some hotels. The fitness center also comes with trainers and other staff to watch over and manage the guests who use the services and facilities. For people who keep irregular hours due to business events or for people who go on sightseeing activities during the day, some hotels offer their facilities and services 24 hours a day. The use of fitness centers may be complimentary to some hotels while it may be part of a package for others. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: