We all start learning guitar because we want to learn songs. In order to learn songs we’ve got to learn chords. Today I’ve got a beginner lesson for you that will introduce you to your first 3 chords. We’re going to keep it simple so these first chords will only be 3 string chords rather then focussing on all 6 strings. After reading this article you’ll be able to grab your guitar and practice these chords on your own. Below I’ll outline the three chords and then provide you with some tips on practicing them. The three chords are G, C and D7. I’m going to use some simple tablature to explain how to play these chords and where to place your fingers. 3 String G Chord E 3 B 0 G 0 D X A X E X This is an easy three string beginner guitar chord. You place your third finger (ring finger) on the third fret of the high E string (also known as first string) and strum the first three strings, G, B and e. 3 String C Chord E 0 B 1 G 0 D X A X E X Like the G chord above this three string G chord is easy to play and only requires you to place one finger on a fret. Place your first finger (index finger) on the first fret of the B string (also known as second string) and strum the first three strings G, B and e. 3 String G7 Chord E 1 B 2 G 1 D X A X E X This is the hardest of these beginner chords because you’re going to use three fingers on three different frets at once. Don’t get frustrated if you can’t get this right the first time it may take a few tries for your fingers to feel natural in this shape. Take your first finger and place it on the first fret of the G string, next place your second finger on the first fret of the high e string, finally place your third finger on the second fret of the B string. Take a couple of moments to let your fingers feel .fortable there and go ahead an strum. The first time you strum this G7 chord you may not hear a clean ring on all three strings. If that’s the case just take your time and remove your fingers and try again, be sure to focus on using the tips of your fingers on the strings and don’t let them roll over to the fleshy part. Tips for Learning Chords A few practice tips for these are to first play them all on their own. Practice strumming the bottom three strings and then placing your fingers on the proper fret or frets. Rotate back and fourth between open strings and the chord. You should do this until you can .fortably place your fingers exactly where they should be to play the chord. Next start trying to switch between the chords. Start first with the C and G chords. Since these are only one finger chords they’ll be easier. Then try switching between the G7 chord and the C or G. Until you can smoothly switch between both the C and G to the G7 chord don’t worry about putting all three together. Chords take time but they’re the most exciting part of learning guitar at the beginning. Take your time and things will .e together for you. By: smartweb – Finding a voice over actor can be quite the process, especially if you have not done this before. By: smartweb – One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about voice actors for hire is that their work is simple, and getting a good voice over is only a matter of a few minutes. By: smartweb – As you go out in search of the right kind of voice talent, its obvious that you want the best voice overs, and this is only fair. By: smartweb – As you begin your search for voice over professionals, you enter Voice Actors in the search box, and are now seated in front of hundreds of thousands of results, all claiming to be professional voice artists. By: Carolyn Butler – Take the time to get to know who your child’s teacher is both as a person and a teacher. Make sure they’re qualified, .petent, caring, and .municate well. By: – The voice over industry is full of people claiming to be professionals, and you cannot just hire or trust anyone. By: smartweb – You cannot just randomly advertise and market your brand everywhere, can you? By: smartweb – ISDN, or the Integrated Services Digital .work, is what allows voice-recording studios to link digitally, facilitating the simultaneous sending and receiving of audio files all over the world. By: smartweb – The voice-over market is crowded these days. It seems every other person with a microphone is offering a professional female and/or male voice over. By: Audrey Tan – You have started your ukulele beginner lessons and have learned the basics. Now you want to make sure that you are improving your playing. This should happen automatically over time, but sometimes, it doesnt for some people. There is no need to be d … 相关的主题文章: