This car has 70 thousand SUV WIFI voice navigation Song – Sohu in the early years of the car when people buy a car, most care about what ESP is not completely configured, how many bags have a key to start, there is a panoramic sunroof, because at that time are simply not familiar with these things, like a key start and even complete panoramic sunroof have not seen, and the people are most concerned about the issue, there is no one really big screen navigation system, can have the reverse image, and is not practical utility is not very important, as long as can be used on the line. And at that time, although not rare navigation configuration, but it is in many cars, will be equipped with high needs, so it is all equipped with car is not much, this also led to a lot of people go to the self modification of navigation system, and have had the experience of the people will understand the WINCE system at that time, while doing good models in the practical process is very stable, rarely appear in the blue screen of death, but his scalability is very bad, each update map must first download several G map at that speed is very bad times, and simulated with WINCE simulator, pour in to the SD card, and then loaded on the train during the test, the most frustrating is not to search for GPS satellite, a debugging of fruit, only to re download, very time-consuming Force, and in the actual operation of the process, a lot of places not all map search, path planning is idiotic, not to avoid road congestion, no real-time traffic information, the new road and does not show up, often with you around, very angry, and tie belt operation navigation process also has little handy also, very unsafe. So, gradually, although when buying a car or a lot of people want a large screen, but in the actual process of the car, if the need of navigation, mobile phone navigation will be more practical, because he is faster and more convenient, more timely update the map information, the vehicle entertainment system is generally used to listen to music, listen to radio, look at the time, basically become a decoration. But the use of mobile phone navigation, is still not the most safe choice, because of the sucker, he will still be in danger of falling when you accelerate or brakes, the accident was more dangerous, even today, technology is completely not in that year, because at that time really is because the relationship, it is difficult to have a stable and reliable Android and other intelligent system is applied to the vehicle, the use of WINCE system because he is very stable, because after all electronic equipment installed in the car, is to stand up to seventy or eighty degrees in summer, winter low to minus twenty or thirty degrees in the harsh environment of the test, but also to maintain high stability in the long-term vibration, it is difficult to do, but today’s introduction of this car, but with intelligent systems do, he is the first tiger 3X A car, from the inside to the outside are using Chery’s new design language, a very young fashion, his price range and positioning is also more oriented to young users, are filled with many elements, suspected 4200*17相关的主题文章: