This 9377 "magic forging 2" Red Moon Legend Zhuang Sheng Xiao Meng fan butterfly exposure refining system, gold wow card kulie. In the game we bounced toss because it is cool in addition to outside "profitable", what plan? On the map it can make its own strength Cengceng rub to rise. In order to let everyone make more fun, 9377 "Red Moon Legend 2" ready to give you a very sharp equipment system for refining yo, let’s see how. Official website: "9377 World Magic forging Red Moon Legend 2" 9377 "refining system exposed in the Red Moon Legend 2" game, the consumption of gold and equipment to strengthen the inheritance of certain gold, according to the different level of equipment to strengthen, strengthen the inheritance process cost of completely different, different parts can be mutually inheritance, such as inheritance of weapons shoes, necklaces, rings and other equipment. But this is not much to do with our topic today, a simple understanding on the line, the focus is to say the following. This 9377 "magic forging Red Moon Legend 2" 9377 "in the refining system exposure game player Red Moon Legend 2" click on the inside of the reinforced panel, select [] function plate refining equipment. Refining equipment in the game can increase the attack on the equipment, each device can be refined to +12 oh. This 9377 "magic forging Red Moon Legend 2" 9377 "refining system exposure level 2" Red Moon Legend refining refining system 1, equipment cannot be passed to other equipment; 2, refining equipment by refining refining recovery return value; 3, through mining and refining value can kill monsters get noble collar. This 9377 "magic forging Red Moon Legend 2" 9377 "refining system exposed in the Red Moon Legend refined increase attack power is very considerable in 2". Refining value is mainly through mining, and manor killing can blast off. In addition. The 5000 day recharge ingot, can get a lot of refined stone. This 9377 "magic forging Red Moon Legend 2" refining system exposure of a wolf more bloody, 9377 "Red Moon Legend 2" has shocked beta, and Wu Jing come together Chiyue commandos! Good game in 9377! 9377 R & D and operations in one game, independent research and development of "9377", "fire", Purist Thunderwrath "Red Moon Legend", "opera legend", "Red Moon Legend 2" by virtue of high quality and refreshing experience, has become a popular web game! At the same time, the 9377 platform also operates a variety of popular games, such as the "imperial map", "invincible", "Blue Moon Legend", "battle of martial arts" and so on more than 50. Different types, multiple choices, always have your love! 9377 "Red Moon Legend 2" official website: 9377 web games: Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: