The university cafeteria leftovers after recovery to sell food and Drug Administration will be filing penalties for college entrance examination: 80 parents planning awareness ahead of the white paper big coffee Qin Chunhua: sharing education planning needs professional Liu Zhen: to choose the right to students Fu Yao: interest oriented independent career Wu Jingyi: how to cultivate talents of industry upgrade Zhang Yaqun: college entrance examination reform how to change education to improve school education industry at upgrade the sun: how to become red network planner Zhao Yi: children who had the wrong professional Yantai Qilu network November 26th news (reporter correspondent Jing Liting Xia Tianqi) recently, the Yantai Municipal Food and drug administration was informed by public opinion monitoring, "two Shandong Institute of Business and Technology the first floor of a restaurant meal leftovers on the table window recovery, re sold to students" the situation, the Yantai Municipal Bureau immediately Laishan district market authority, the first time to the present Field investigation and disposal. Through field investigation, reflect the network video is two floor "Chuan Lu flavor cooking meal window, employees in the operation process, the chips from one container to the sale of container dumping, spilling into operation on the table, with a rag to potatoes after folding, put into the container for sale. The school logistics department has been in accordance with the relevant provisions of the school canteen management, the operation of the right to terminate the window, and the results will be publicized in the college bulletin board and the student union. At the same time, food and drug supervision departments of Shandong Institute of Business and Technology, the first restaurant meals other window from food raw material purchase, certificate and invoice, catering equipment cleaning and disinfection, practitioners of health management, food safety training as well as the system construction and other aspects of the comprehensive examination. The existence of environmental hygiene, food operation between employees health card on the spot, failed to provide food safety management and related food safety training is not in place, do not pay attention to the problem of employee food safety consciousness, in accordance with the law issued a notice shall be ordered to make corrections, the network video reflected in the restaurant food processing due to improper operation the problem will be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the food safety law for punishment. At the same time, the Yantai Municipal Food and drug administration to remind the public friends, such as food and drug safety issues are welcome to call 12331 to report complaints telephone, food and drug supervision departments and law enforcement personnel will be the first time for investigation and disposal.相关的主题文章: