The United States officials: Russian beauty and beauty do not fight for well-matched in strength data figure: U.S. Marines original title: U.S. officials: Russian beauty and beauty do not fight for well-matched in strength according to the Russian satellite network reported on September 16th, the "national interest" magazine quoted the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee hearing the news, the U.S. military did not do well with their well-matched in strength. Countries such as Russia and Chinese against preparation. Several U.S. military chief of staff at the hearing, said the United States Armed Forces Combat Readiness ability is low. The United States Army chief of Staff Admiral Mark · Millie said, he led the agency does not have enough resources and experience in the implementation of the security strategy does not take big risk situation. Millie speak at a house hearing on this spring when he mentioned the problem. He said at the time, budget cuts, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the fight against terrorism must weaken the U.S. military readiness. U.S. Navy chief of Staff Admiral John ·, Admiral Richardson said at a Senate hearing that the Navy faces the same problem as the army. The Marine Corps chief of staff David · evaluation of High German Air Force General Finn of the armed forces combat capability is more cautious, but generally agree with colleagues views. He explained that if the United States involved in the implementation of another conflict at the same time to ensure the safety of nuclear and protection of their territory, the task of preparing a large-scale local war, will face serious risks.相关的主题文章: