The United States Embassy in West China demolition production monitor according to the media without thinking the original title: US embassy in response: Chinese demolition production monitor in the western media baseless conjecture [Global Times reporter Bai Yunyi Ni Hao] according to the "voice of America" 22 reported that a U.S. State Department official said 21, the video monitoring system China Hikvision the production is no longer in use of the ambassador to Afghanistan museum. The report quoted the United States video surveillance business staff said, Hikvision’s camera will send information to china. Hikvision 22 days to respond to the "exclusive global times" said, due to the use of the company in the overseas market sales model, through agents or distributors to sell all the products application integrators, integrators in specific projects and facilities, so the equipment procurement of the Afghan embassy, the company is not clear. But Hikvision attaches great importance to the network and information security products, and strictly follow the logic of the business company to carry out business activities. The voice of America reported that, in order to guard against theft, the U.S. Embassy in Kabul has used the camera system, monitor the non sensitive electrical room. Video surveillance industry information website IPVM released a U.S. government documents show that in August 2016, the embassy had suggested that only two of Hikvision’s video surveillance products. However, 21 U.S. State Department officials said that the procurement plan was canceled in September 2016, all of the previously installed cameras have been removed. "Global Times" reporter noted that the voice of America Chinese network 22 reported that it is not clear why the United States Embassy in China to dismantle the cause of the monitoring instrument. But the media English website reported on the matter said, the video monitoring equipment of the personnel of the company alleged that Hikvision camera will transfer information to Chinese, Chinese government can any landing camera system at any time, the company may also in the production process in the design of a "back door", so that manufacturers can implement remote monitoring. But even IPVM CEO John · Honovich also admitted that "we have yet to find any evidence of these cameras in the information back to the Chinese, nor the so-called" back door "evidence". Hikvision 22 in response to the "Global Times" said, this is speculation that some western media for my company China baseless conjecture and boundless, and even individual overseas small media occasion to hype, to win the eye. In fact, these products are operating in a relatively closed and safe network environment. The company attaches great importance to network and information security products, increasing product safety performance of R & D investment, the formation of professional information security team, set up a professional test team, and constantly improve the safety performance of products and systems. It is understood that Hikvision’s products have been widely used in the Beijing Olympic venues, the Brazil World Cup Stadium, Italy Linate Airport and other important facilities, has won five consecutive years of global IHS video surveillance market share first. Voice of America also for Hikvision’s background, said its close relationship with the Chinese government has also led to the United States to monitor the industry’s concerns about the safety of its products. In order to form a handsome相关的主题文章: