The United States announced the transformation of system integrators   bid farewell to a single 3C retail – home appliance — original title: the United States announced the transformation of system integrators to bid farewell to a single 3C retail in the birth of a year later, the United States officially announced a restructuring plan. September 6th, Gome President Wang Junzhou announced that the United States formally from the past a single 3C product retailers to system integrators transformation. This year, the appliance store moved on to the experiential shopping experience in the store, the scene is added. At present, Gome has transformed nearly 50 stores in the country, which is expected to be completed throughout the year 100 -120 home store renovation, 400 VR stores, covering the area of Xbox and major league gaming game screen area 100 and the target of the reform. Wang Junzhou said: "in the future the United States will be the original product sales model will gradually change, while maintaining the supply chain support price under the premise of providing system solutions to customers, this is a great direction to the transformation of the United States in the future. The next two years, the United States will establish a system integration capabilities of the overall home solutions." He revealed that the United States next year, the promotion of video TV target of 2 million units, plans to become the largest Internet sales channels in the entire content of the tv. Formal transition to the system integrators in the strategy, the United States from the past a single commodity retailers began a comprehensive transformation, we will provide customers with a full set of solutions, thus becoming a system integrator. GOME stores in addition to the promotion of central air conditioning, will soon promote the family’s water system, air system, electric heating system. At the moment, we are also working with companies with a family design capability to provide customers with solutions for the entire family, except for a single product." Wang Junzhou told reporters. He said that the scene of experience based on the idea that the United States will further build the retail ecosystem, through the floor kitchen, entertainment, gaming, Internet TV and home design five system, promote online and offline traffic entrance fusion. In addition, the United States will also integrate content providers, quality manufacturing enterprises to further promote the landing of the Internet TV system. Gome is expected in 2018 the United States sold the color TV are Internet tv. Wang Junzhou said: the United States is currently the total TV sales will exceed 8 million units, of which only popular video TV sales have exceeded 500 thousand units. The United States will soon cooperate with mango video content to promote mango video content tv. Next year, the United States and the United States to promote the goal of video TV 2 million units, plans to become the largest Internet sales channels in the entire content of the tv." He said: "we will be with other video sites continue to discuss opportunities for cooperation and cooperation, the United States will soon realize TV video content more than 50%, providing the overall video solutions to customers." In recent years, affected by the fierce competition in the market, the United States and other retailers 3C business model began to change, the future retail system will not only be a supply chain consisting of a manufacturer and a retailer, the manufacturer and the retailer will gradually introduce more content providers, but the game still have to deal with the interests of all parties, cannot become prominent)相关的主题文章: