Small Business Unlike what most people usually believe, the first purpose of having clothes was not the modest idea of covering the body, nor was it to protect it from the vagaries of the weather such as heat, cold and rains. The very proposition to own clothes was for an ornamental purpose. The early men had their own concept of fashion and fashion designing. It was reflected in the colourful paintings and tattoos on their bodies. Thousands of years later, surprisingly enough we still find ornamentation and adornments, the main driving force behind clothing. The influence of fashion designing is vastly seen in our lives, across all regions. The rise of designer stores Today fashion designing has be.e a much coveted and respected profession, and the services of good fashion designers are much sought after. One finds many big, small and medium sized designer stores in the leading cities of India and across the globe. There are stylish designer boutiques with a stock of high couture designer dresses, and which also display beautiful party wears that are not only charmingly simple, but are full of elegance. Glamour, a huge variety, impressionably unique and aesthetically appealing this is the trend of the fashion labels of talented Uniqueness of style The best designer dresses are probably the ones that are timeless. The designers talent is reflected in creating dresses which are not limited to just one season. A good designer dress is one that the person wishes to wear for a long time to .e. Since a designer dress does not .e for cheap, one having invested a great sum of money on it, it is natural that the buyer would like to treasure and store it for a long time. The wearer prefers to have something that is modern and aesthetic even after a long spell of time. Remember the beautifully embroidered zardozi saree that passed on for generations as bridal wear? Teamed up with trendy accessories and the right jewellery it can even today leave everyone spell bound, just as it did decades ago when grandmother first wore it! But then, that is the special uniqueness of Indian ethnic wear. The beauty of Indian ethnic wear The charms of Indian ethnic wear is something that always makes Indian fashion stores displays stand out in any exhibition or fashion show. One can select on-line as well as from the many designer boutiques a sheer variety of fabulous Indian ethnic dresses, be it elegant sarees, kaftans, salwar or churidar suits or kurtis for women, or graceful looking bandhgala jackets, dhoti or pyjama-kurtas for men. A beautiful Kanjeevaran, Pochampalli, Gadwal, Narainpet or Benarasi silk saree when teamed up with stylish Indian jewellery in silver, gold or shimmering Rajasthani polki is bound to make every head turn in a crowded function such as the great Indian wedding. Dresses for weddings Whether it a saree in heavy Banarasi brocade, graceful chiffon, raw silk or crisp ge.ette; or it is a shimmering gharara, colourful lehenga and a sequined choli, the Indian bride is never short of choices. All good designer stores will offer you a wide range to choose from depending on your requirement and needs. You can also ask for special personalized services from your favourite fashe wedding dress. fashion designers India For men, elegantly styled and customized sherwanis, kurtas in raw silk and regally embroideried shawls provide the quintessential look of the Indian groom. Online shopping fashion In this era of globalization, fashion trends are cutting across borders. Fashion is uniting the world as nothing else could before. The rise of online fashion shopping introduced some years ago has caught on fast and is a much active area of business today. Western celebrities have been much impressed by Indian fashion designers work and often seek to buy their designer dresses. Be it London, Paris or Milan the Indian fashion designers showcase their work in all important fashion shows. Summer fashion Cotton, silk, crepe, voile, viscose chiffon and crisp khadi are traditionally the fabrics used for Indian summers; their outstanding features being — they are breathable, eco-friendly and have a simple yet elegant style. Until the monsoon showers take over, one needs to stock the wardrobe with appropriate summer fashion wear. One certainly needs to own some quality summer wear dresses, be it just for a casual evening-stroll in the park, a relaxed time in the beach, or trekking across the rolling mountains and hills. Be it for a wedding, or to stock your wardrobe for the summer, or simply the desire to own a chic Indian ethnic wear, checking some online shopping fashion sites would be a good idea. You can also visit the fashion boutique of a quality fashion designer. Own a designer dress today and make a style statement. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: