The Swiss watch industry really want the The sun sinks in the west.? Original title: the Swiss watch industry really want the The sun sinks in the west.? Author: Zhao Yang filed in Switzerland, people will think of the Swiss watch. Indeed, the Swiss watch industry reputation in the world, has become a Swiss card. After hundreds of years of glory, the Swiss watch industry seems to suffer a severe recession in recent years. Swiss watch exports continued to decline since 2015, especially in the Asian market. Generally, the impact of smart watches China anti-corruption, slowdown of economic growth in emerging countries has reduced demand for luxury consumption as well as science and technology in recent years the company released of the traditional watch is the main reason in recent years, the Swiss watch industry crisis. These factors can really make the Swiss watch industry from the The sun sinks in the west., unable to get up after a fall? I think it may not, because from a long period of time, the Swiss watch industry because of its inherent characteristics, has a strong toughness, had successfully passed several major crises, enough to meet the challenges of the future. The Swiss watch industry rise since the reformation cause fled France and accepted the Protestant craftsman, has more than 400 years. Because of the lack of mineral resources, ports and farmland, the Swiss people must focus on the need to invest a lot of manual effort to complete the work. But at that time the Swiss Protestant leaders will jewelry, cross and cups are regarded as a pointless waste and prohibit the production, only focus on the Swiss watch making industry. 1800 years ago, the clock has been a lucrative luxury goods, the production process the most need patience, energy and skills, in particular, in line with the national conditions of Switzerland, and gradually become its leading industry. The history of the Swiss watch industry suffered repeatedly at least more today than a serious crisis, the first is the impact of the watch making machine at the end of nineteenth Century, when the United States introduced a new standardized production and assembly lines in the watch industry, by virtue of the size effect and quickly occupied the market. For a time, the dominance of the Swiss watch industry seems precarious. But the Swiss multi-function watches and rich design weaknesses, in the United States under the impact of industry to maintain its tradition and advantage. Coupled with the world war in the United States military watch factory to make instruments, has been focused on Swiss watch industry quickly re leading. The second crisis is more severe, the Swiss mechanical watches encounter the challenges of the Asian quartz electronic watches. Although the invention of electronic watches and quartz watches are Swiss, but the Swiss watch industry underestimated the prospect of this technology. However, Japan is in the quartz electronic watch field breakthrough, not only won the 1967 World Series triumph watch, also continue to reduce the cost caused by the watch, a deadly threat to the Swiss watch, once the Swiss watch industry practitioners down to pre crisis 1/3. In the face of the crisis, the Swiss watch industry measures is on the one hand and stick to the traditional quality, on the other hand, take the initiative to meet the trend of transition to deal with. Switzerland insisted on retaining the high-grade mechanical watches as a banner, but in the pursuit of excellence while digging its cultural connotations and symbolic meaning, using technology and culture to cope with the low price of electronic quartz watches. At the same time, set up a new company Sw  atch, postures and competing in Japanese quartz watch. In 1994, Hao相关的主题文章: