The highest law case less than: through reforms to improve the procedural mechanisms – Beijing, Beijing, September 13, the people’s court for "less than the case", the Supreme People’s Court Judicial Reform Leading Group Office Hu Shihao said today that the current Chinese judges the number of 198 thousand and 800 people, the national Court concluded 16 million 728 thousand 2015 in the past, to solve the contradiction of "less than the case" is the two way, one is two people, is working overtime, now is not the same, through reforms to improve the procedural mechanisms, optimize the allocation of resources. The core of two to support, to diversify foreign counseling to classification. 13, China the Supreme People’s court held a press conference, issued the "Supreme People’s Court on further promoting the optimization of a number of opinions" case classification allocation of judicial resources, and answer questions. Press conference, a reporter asked: the current people’s court, the case more than a few contradictions in the end how the specific situation? Between the classification and the diversified dispute settlement mechanism, what is the relationship? Hu Shi responded, the case is more than a few people, the fundamental reason is the economic and social development, especially in China’s current economic transformation, social transformation, the increase in the number of contradictions and disputes. The construction of the rule of law China, promote the rule of law, especially the increase of citizen’s consciousness of the rule of law, many disputes into the litigation to solve, so the development of the society, the development of the rule of law, improve the legal awareness of lead into the procedure to resolve the disputes will be more and more. For the typical performance of contradictions: one case of growth is not synchronized, one case ratio is not reasonable, Hu Shi Ren with three sets of data interpretation: one is comparative historical, now people in the case of non synchronous growth. At present, the proportion of judges in China is about 14.3 judges every one hundred thousand people, ranking in the world for more than 30, lower than Germany, Japan, Russia, and even neighbors Mongolia is also much lower. 30 years of reform and opening up, the court accepted the number of cases increased from 610 thousand in 1978 to 19 million 520 thousand in 2015, an increase of 30 times. Increase the number of judges from 60 thousand in 1978 to nearly 200 thousand at present, increased by more than 30 times the increase was not synchronized, disproportionate. Two is the current situation, the case is still high growth. By the end of September 11th, the number of new cases received by the national judge is more than 1738 pieces, now has about 11400000, there are not yet a knot of more than 5 million 940 thousand, so the pressure is great. The three is a comparison of data between China and foreign countries, indicating that the Chinese people need to be more scientific than the case set. At present, the number of judges Chinese 198 thousand and 800 people, in 2015 the national court closed 16 million 728 thousand. According to statistics, the number of foreign judges per person per year in the case of hundreds or even thousands of pieces. In fact, not only the surface of the statistical data, should be comprehensive and dialectical view and scientific comparison and analysis of the difference between the number of judges handling the case, give full consideration to the Chinese and foreign there are significant differences in the types of cases, cases accepted statistical methods, procedure and judicial costs, lawyers involved in litigation and judicial environment etc.. In addition, Ren hu.相关的主题文章: