The sky into the sea, in Zhuhai long sea Kingdom scream! Sohu – tourism of every child has a fairy tale world, magic wand can take you through time and space, heaven into the sea of rare animal turned equal to anything; small intimate buddy, and you start a wonderful journey. There is a magical place – Zhuhai Changlong ocean Kingdom, there is the world’s top amusement equipment for children over the forest, there are tens of thousands of glacier adventure; the rare marine animal, take the kids swim underwater world and enjoy the wonders of the ocean. When Wang Chen near the end of the summer, I got a little information and long group invitation, marine theme park, to experience the world’s top, is to give children the best gift of summer. The news that the handsome Chen also immediately said: I look good, very nervous, very excited! Always do not know in front of the camera, the cool handsome Chen, Changlong ocean kingdom will bring what kind of surprise he first said that the route, flying from Shijiazhuang to Guangzhou takes 3.5 hours out of the airport after the bus ticket to buy a ticket from Gongbei to Zhuhai Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, 88 yuan for adults, children half price. Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Zhuhai, Gongbei, about 3.5 hours. Zhuhai Gongbei passenger station through the mobile phone called the car, only about half an hour to reach the long Hengqin Bay Hotel, cost about 110. Of course, K10 direct bus Changlong, exhausted by the journey, but also in order to save time we choose a car. Changlong Hengqin Bay Hotel, the hotel and the hotel is located a penguin in Changlong ocean Kingdom three theme hotel, you can choose according to their preferences. I live in and handsome Chen Hengqin Bay Hotel, it is magnificent, like a castle standing in the Hengqin Bay shore. You say is this Chen television fairy tale world? The hotel lobby has been shocked by its gorgeous and magnificent atmosphere. Eight giant Golden Dolphin sculpture, bow with its tail from the top of the shell inlaid with many giant roof is red coral, like a burning flame as the ingenious design, novel shape, attracted many tourists take pictures. And in other areas are also integrated into the shape of the marine life, such as the hippocampus on the unusual shape of cute, it is to win the children’s eyes. "Travel new personality, mood asocial" domestic travel new index conference held in a large conference room, as a tourist from the media invited honored. The event also invited guest star "line" actress who played Lv Xia, "my friend Miss Chen Bailu" actress played by Chen Yaan, back at the conference. At the same time, from the tourism industry a number of opinion leaders to long travel experience to play, many are my old friend; "bazaar", "fashion" and other well-known tourist tourism media tracking reports, this is really the most fire, Internet and entertainment theme park a crossover explosion event. Will a bit of information from the perspective of trendy travel tourism experts index, as usual with family travel travel in divorce probability, the probability of pregnancy, travel.相关的主题文章: