The sale of 64 thousand and 900 yuan Changan Auchan 6 edition models listed Sohu Sohu [car new car] recently, the Changan officially announced the Auchan version of the model 6 car prices, the only launched 1.5L manual luxury 1 models, the price is 64 thousand and 900 yuan. Changan HOFEN appearance, the 6 version of the model and is currently in the sale of cars to keep consistent, stylish look. Body size, length and width of Auchan version of the model 6 high was 44651725 1685mm, wheelbase reached 2680mm. The configuration section, Changan HOFEN 6 seat version of the car interior and configuration with cash with the configuration of the 7 models to maintain consistency. The difference is that the new car seat layout using 2+2+2, second rows of seats from the seat of the seat into the 2, and the front and rear adjustment by the 240mm of the 7 models into 140mm. At the same time, the height of the new second rows of seats reduced by 20mm, but the cushion thickness increased by 4mm, and the installation of handrails, so its ride comfort has been improved. In addition, Changan HOFEN 6 version of the model still retains the 7 version of the model third row seat forward folding function, flexibility space is guaranteed. Changan HOFEN power, the 6 version of the model is equipped with Dongan power DAM15B 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, the maximum power of 114 horsepower, a maximum torque of 148 cattle · m, transmission part matching 5 speed manual gearbox. (some pictures from Auchan seven edition models)相关的主题文章: