The price of a declining trend but the average price over the same period last year rose Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! In September 26, 2016, Chinese tilapia price index closed at 0.6-1 kg specifications are as follows: the tail index closed at 103.72 points, than on unification day (September 19th) down 0.89 points; 1-1.6 kg tail specification index closed at 102.84 points, down 0.76 points; 0.6-1 kg tail index specifications lower than the same period last year to 2.02 pounds, 1-1.6 tail index specifications 3.59 points higher than last year. This week the national tilapia pond head producing area specific offer as follows: 20 August 26 March -9 tilapia production area Tang TOU price (Yuan Jin) producing 0.6-1 kg 1-1.6 kg Guangdong Gaoyao tail tail 3.34; 4.9 (go market) Enping 3.2 Kaiping 3.2 Guangdong 4.2 Guangdong 4.2 Guangdong 3.15 Zhuhai 4.05 Guangdong 3.15 Yangjiang 4.15 Guangdong Maoming 3.3 (factory) (4.3 factory) Guangdong 3.35 Huazhou 4.35 Guangdong 3.25 Lianjiang 4.25 Guangxi 5.2 Nanning suburbs (size 1 pound; average weight 1.2 kg) in Guangxi suburbs of Nanning 4.8-5.0 (size 1 pound; mean weight 1.2 kg) Guangxi Nanning processing factory 3.25 4.25 Hainan 4.1 (Wenchang Tangtou cash) 4.3-4.4 (tong head credit) 3.2 (factory) (4.25 factory) Yunnan Pu’er area 11-11.2 yuan 12-14 yuan kg kg Yunnan Lincang City, Yunnan Xishuangbanna Yunnan Dehong Ruili 10-10.5 yuan a kilogram 9.5 yuan a kilogram 10.5 yuan kg Fujian Zhangzhou Yunnan mans 4.0-4.2 (go into market); 3.7-3.8 (frozen in September, the overall price stabilization of tilapia base), the end of the month index over the same period last month were down 0.02 points, up 0.3 points. Beginning in late September the price trend is clearly downward, on the one hand is the market of aquatic products collective market peak, fish prices began to fall; the other is the seasonal effects of some regions do not have the winter fish farming conditions, enthusiasm is high, there is a certain adjustment for the price of fish. In addition, the recent factory has adjusted the purchase price, causing some farmers panic out of the fish, fish is no good. According to the Chinese tilapia price index trend chart shows that the fourth quarter index is mostly downward trend. However, a number of freshwater fish laboratory comprehensive agricultural finance collection industry point of view, the short-term decline in space on tilapia fish相关的主题文章: